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My eyes are watering. Warning: skeery.

Look. I love horror movies. LOVE. love scary stories, love it. Love that feeling of fear. It took me a few minutes to see it in this picture and then I jumped.


DO YOU SEE? (Note: it seems this picture was taken in the "Amittyville Horror" house and is something that "lived" there. Awesome.)

Ack! Took me by surprise, that's all. :) I'm watching Hellraiser later for some BDSM fun later, whee! ;)

Oooh, just because I'm booooored: scariest movies for me of all time, in order from least to scariest:

1. Psycho, and if this movie doesn't freak you out in places, even though it's old, you're not paying close enough attention. Seriously, though, when Bates is in the police station, smiling and that fly is crawling all over his hand and that voice over of "his mother?" Jeebus.

2. Poltergiest, again, I have no belief in ghosts. BUT. That clown! There's not a person around that's a Gen-Xer that isn't terrified of that clown in particular. And at the end when the mom is trying to get to CarolAnn and the room telescopes? GAH. Child in peril = I'm a mess.

3. Ils [Them], and I just saw this the other day. This is the French movie that "The Strangers" was based on, which I didn't see. Oh my GOD, this feels REAL. They have a hoax that "this movie is based on real events" but it's not.... really. The creepy noisemaker that one kid has and AUGH. Frighteningly awesome.

4. The Exorcist, the BOOK, mostly. Oh my god, it's the weird thing the demon does to her body, I'm not actually afraid of Satan, whom I don't believe in. Just... that crab walk on the ceiling?! (That's in the book.) Yeesh.

5. Rear Window, NO WAIT. No. Okay, that movie has one of the most terrifying moments in movie history, when Grace Kelly is across the courtyard looking for a ring, or any kind of evidence, and Jimmy Stewart is completely immobilized, LITERALLY paralyzed (from fear, too) and hiding in the shadows and Ray Bradbury looks straight across the courtyard and right through the binocular lenses and HE'S CAUGHT and oh my god, that gives me chills. God, that's a great movie.

6. The Grudge 2 (either version, and just this one scene) when she's attacked in her BED under her COVERS where you are supposed to be SAFE, oh my Jesus that I don't believe in, it's IN BETWEEN HER LEGS. Holy sheep shit. And that face appearing in the glass while she's riding down on the elevator??!?!

7. THE RING. Gah. The herky-jerky movements out of the TV, things that move fast that don't look like they'll move fast freak me the hell out, see: Zelda in "Pet Semetary" a so so movie, but Zelda with her creepy back and disease AUUUUUGH.

8. HANDS DOWN THE MOST FRIGHTENING MOVIE EVER. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. a) Most of it happens in the DAYTIME. b) The crack on the head with a ballpeen hammer, the guy twitching on the floor in death throes, and the SLAM of the corregated metal door. c) The girl tripping and landing on a killing floor, being HUNG UP ALIVE on a meat hook, being SHOVED INTO A MEAT LOCKER, STILL ALIVE and D) the most frightening bit in the whole damn thing: As the main girl is being chased by Leatherface, at one point she's running white-eyed and freaked RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. And you can see Leatherface GAINING on her. Which means he's gaining on YOU. Every time I see that scene I yell out, TURN RIGHT!! GO THAT WAY!!! Ahahahaha.

Okay, that's all I can think of on short notice, feel free to tell me yours. :) And now I'm not so freaked by that picture. I am, however, holding my hand over my computer screen to block it. Hee. <3

This post brought to you by my own boredom and refusal to do something constructive, like shampoo the carpets.
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