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Drunk post, but no, listen

Guys, I am in my house talking to my dog. I just typed "fod" instead of the word intended and Kita should be laughing now. There is a part of me that is saying STOP TYPING DEAR LORD, but what needs to be said, needs to be said. I may regret this in the am. What is the deal with the rational part of my brain still working? MOAR BOOZE.

1. I am seriously lonely, and it's not just for my kids, although that takes up 75% of it. My son texted me about watching a spider building a web from start to finish, and I fell in love with my first born all over again. Seriously, my son is totally awesome.
2. I need a man. I'm just saying.
3. I'm watching (finally) Friday Night Lights 3rd season, and it's such a god damned good show, if you're not watching I"m judging you a little. Also, half of my agency is cast in that show, and I would like to work on it, thanks. :D
4. There are people who aren't posting much anymore and it makes me sad. swmbo, I don't care if it's just the thought of the day and how you fell, I want to hear about it, lol. LJ feels like a ghost town, and I have to remember that it's June, and it's always like this.
5. My dog is seriously awesome, and she likes me, which makes her even more awesome. This makes sense to me. Also, she's looking at me like she gets it - that's all I need in life, you guys, lol.
6. I am feeling seriously optimistic about the future, and I can't say when I've EVER felt that. I'm a doom and gloom inside gal, even though I hide it well.
7. I freaking love Italian reds, even though it's gauche to like that shit in the summer. I FAIL, but my mouth is happy.
8. dovil wins for the fantastic gifts from NEW ZEALAND that she sends. I mean, let's face it, it's 3rd world stuff, but it's the thought that counts. Lol. She might be one of my favorite people of all time, I'm just saying. Also, she doesn't judge my drinking. Speaking of, I picked up some NZ wine on her request, and if it sucks, I'm personally blaming her. Because all of that island should be held responsible. hahaha.

In two hours I will watch (and mock) some Jersey broads for their accents and lifestyles, even though I am rooting for them. I'm an enigma, deal. HEE. Okay, refilling my glass. NO, STONEY, NO! Eff, you, it's tasty! :D (My beloved Cantina Zagganini, for those curious. Cheap[ish] and delish. YES, PLEASE.)

Guys, my mother wore HER wedding dress to MY WEDDING. I was broken long before I came online, don't judge me. Hahahahaha.
Tags: drunk spazzing, friends
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