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Exciting late afternoon coming up

I have an audition later today that I'm really looking forward to: voice over work for a new cartoon. WHEE! They want me to go in and lay out a bunch of cartoony voices for them to keep on file for future projects, too. One of my dream jobs has always been voice over work. Like, could you imagine the awesomeness of working with Frank Oz? That would be insanely amazing for a dork like me.

Dream Jobs:

  • writing for The Onion (I don't care if it's doesn't pay but beans, it's The Onion!)
  • writing for TDS/Colbert Report (if only for the company you'd keep)
  • writing for SNL (this was always #1 for me)
  • major acting role where I get to showcase that I can be both funny and serious
  • being paid to be me, just eating and walking around my house - hey, it's a DREAM job
  • voice over work for Sesame Street (back when it was cool)

Anyone about my age remember the opening to Sesame Street in the 70s where they had that little blonde haired girl running in a meadow in just her underpants? "Somebody come and play/somebody come and play today" I wanted to run around without a shirt in my underoos (Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke) and my mother was scandalized.

And now that I'm older, I'm kinda weirded out by that, too. [/random]

But enough of that, I have to work on my crazy voices that my family has talked in for years, yay! :D

[eta] I read an article that's really interesting about the publishing world, and how class privilege affect the literary world. Really good stuff. [para. 3 is where it hits on this directly] Moonrat talks more about this from an insider's perspective.
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