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I've got the Monday smiles

But that's because I have my house back to some semblance of order. WHEW. Note about me: I do not thrive in chaos, be it laundry to be done, or piles of minutiae on every available surface. Gah.

We had a major thunderstorm roll over us today, first rainfall in several weeks (I don't want to hear it, New England. We've been in triple digits and coughing dust. And yes, we'll take your rain away from you, just send it on down here.) After being well over 100 degrees (that's 40 C for some of you) it's 72. Which, if I've done my calculations correctly, comes out to -26 C. Or thereabouts.

Yesterday we spent the day with #2's BFF's family (got that? ahaha) in their pool. I've never spent any time with them, and how pleasantly surprised was I to find me in someone's pool in the 'burbs talking about philosophy, religion, movies, art, books, and sky diving? They're sky divers and I about died. My goal in the next 3 years is to jump out of a plane, and they do it several times a year. BONUS. More awesome and completely random was one of their neighbors that kept pinging my spidey senses. I knew him by his first name, then someone mentioned his last name and I said, "First effing Lastname? What high school did you go to?"


The crazy thing is that I've not seen ONE PERSON randomly since I graduated high school in 1990. (If you tell me you were born that year, I'll strangle you. I'm just saying.) And here, in the sticks of my little 'burb, in the clean-cut neighborhood in which I live, in this new friend's POOL, no less, is the bad boy artist from the grade ahead of me, lovely, nice, married, living here with a daughter my #2's age, and making a living as an artist . SMALL WORLD. So much fun talking to him - he was one of those cool guys I was nervous around. I was such a shy bird in school, and my older sister was Miss Popularity. I tutored most of her friends. Nerd alert!

Anyway, small world, very cool to meet up with someone, and even better to find that smart, fun, easy-going people actually exist in my conservative, church-going, red-leaning neighborhood. You just never know.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make an appointment to get my back checked out, because it's still in pain. Three weeks? Yeah, I'm thinking I've done more than just "pull a muscle." Ow.

[ETA] LOL! Where were these when I routinely had my lunch stolen at the office? GENIUS!
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