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Why did personal litters go out of vogue?

I ask because I would just rather have someone carry me around for today. I'm zonked.

Because of the back injury a few weeks ago, my P90X routine was derailed. I actually wish I hadn't stopped my workouts for two weeks, because as soon as I started back up, my back problems went away. I've been doing portions of the yoga routine (Disc 4) every night before I go to bed, and that was almost the only thing that took away the kink in my back. I still walked every day, because in case it's not clear, I have a hard time being sedentary. Stoney like to move.

Today I was back on Week 8 (I repeated week 7 since I took time off, and I didn't want to continue on until I'd mastered some stuff) and it was Day 2: Core Synergistics.

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps, Ab Ripper X
Day 2: Plyometrics (Damn I love this one. LOVE IT.)
Day 3: Backs & Biceps, Ab Ripper X
Day 4: Yoga X
Day 5: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
Day 6: Kenpo X (Maybe my most favorite of all. DUDE. Just- it's freaking awesome.)
Day 7: Rest, or X Stretch (Do the stretch - your body will thank you.)

Day 1: Yoga
Day 2: Core Synergistics
Day 3: Kenpo X
Day 4: X Stretch
Day 5: Core Synergistics
Day 6: Yoga
Day 7: Rest, or Stretch X (I recommend always doing the stretch disc. It feels gooooood.)

Holy crap. Crapola. Crapolopomous. I can now do 20 of the staggered hand/stacked feet push ups, and I'm up to 10 of the prison cell push ups. My goal when all is said and done is to be able to knock out 15, no sweat. Speaking of no sweat, I have a habit of weighing myself before I workout so I can gauge how much I'm sweating. (I live in Texas: hydration = staying alive.) I dropped 3.2 pounds from a 58 minute workout today. Anyone that wants to challenge these videos as not being "real exercise" is simply someone who hasn't tried the dang things. I've worked out my whole adult life, all manner of physical activity from extreme kayaking, rock climbing, desert running, etc. These videos kick my butt, but in the best way possible. [And I'm looking at the BFF who's a bi-athlete, who also can't keep up with me on the chin ups and push ups, hem hem]

Also keep in mind if you take these up that this isn't meant to be all you do. You don't pop in a video, do the routine, then sit on your butt the rest of the day. This is to enhance your OTHER physical activity. Still go swimming, running, playing soccer, yoga, whatever you do. Hard core pipe hittin' workouts, yo. LOL.

Mostly I'm just super happy to look down and see some (baby) ripped muscle poking out. My arms have never looked more toned, my quads are popping out, and my stomach is toned. I hung out at pool party this weekend in a two piece. IN A TWO PIECE. I've had three kids, folks. That's a good feeling. :)

okay, enough bragging about my Ahnold Schwartzenegarian musck-les, hahahaha.

In other news, we spent the holiday with our new friends, the ones with the pool. NICE. It's been so long since I've been around fellow suburbanites that didn't surprise you with some weird racist comment, or something randomly ultra-right wing, and then I have to drop them. Sorry, can't abide that stuff. I'm decidedly close-minded when it comes to stupidity, can't help it. :) They READ! They BLOG! The like wine! best of all: THEY SKYDIVE. And I think I know what I'm doing for my upcoming birthday: flinging myself out of a perfectly good airplane with new friends. DUDE. That's been on my list of things I must do since I was a kid. WOOT.

I've been re-watching Arrested Development and marveling all over again at how freaking CLEVER that show is. Man, what an amazing piece of TV that show was.

Random: I feel like making pizza dough today. Oooh, maybe some 7 layer bar cookies for the kids. (I'll have to have a sliver, let's face it. Little sweets = happy me.)

[ETA] OH MY GOD. My son (13.5) just asked if he could go to the pool with his girlfriend, and then! THEN! was it okay for him to have a girlfriend? I'm too young for this. Wait, no, that's him. Well, me, too, let's just keep that one in there, too. !!!! I predict an interesting summer to come... o_0
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