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Gettin' while the gettin's good!

Packed, list double checked, maps are where they should be, P90X stuff stowed away (no rest for the weary!) I have a cooler full of beverages and cut veggies (I'm the meanest mom ever, I'm raising my kids to be Rod and Tod Flanders. "Yay, Imagination Christmas! I got a pogo stick! I gotta bicycle!" *pantomimes*) and lots of movies for the DVD player in the Family Car. My stupid Vista-run computer doesn't want to make CDs that work in my car anymore, so I'm going old school with individual CDs. LAME. Let's face it, I'm going to have a steady run of Itchy and Scratchy's theme song on repeat after a few days...

The kids and I are taking the Family Truckster thru the deep south to Farkland (Florida) with a bypass in Birmingham for some Civil Rights edumacation. Back in a week and change, don't break the internet while I'm gone, and if the Worst Thing happens, I want dovil to sockpuppet me so every one will think I faked my own death. (You can divide my things amongst yourselves. *g*)

Later, boners! <-- (I want this on my tombstone, P.S.)
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