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Austin folks: come see my movie (and me!)

Getting ready to head out the door for a short road trip to lovely and weird Austin, Texas (the Texas town that is both non-Texan and completely Texan. When you go there, you'll understand) for a special Alamo Drafthouse screening of Blood on the Highway. Tickets are only $4, and I think there are a few still available. It's the Lake Creek theater just north of town. Cast and Crew will be there for a fun Q&A afterward, and remember: they sell booze and food in the theater. WOOT.

Alrighty, got to figure out what to wear tonight (this tank top, or that tank top... it's highly casual and hippie-like there) and how little I can get away with bringing. Maybe I can cram a change of clothes/toothbrush in my laptop bag...

Have a great weekend!
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