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I forgot to mention my almost (southern style) girl fight on Saturday

When you get to the skydiving place, they weigh you. The tandem weight limit is 210 for the new jumper, so they want to make sure you + your tandem master isn't over the total limit. I hop on the scale and call my weight out to the gal writing my info down, because I am not self conscious. Hey, I've been busting my butt, right? So with clothes and heavy shoes I was at 135. No big.

Another girl came in to get weighed, and she had that "I'm being a daredevil for my boyfriend so he'll ask me to marry him" vibe about her. Now, I'm going to be bitchy, but I feel that I have the right (you will, too, I believe.) She's shorter than me, petite, but in that soft, no muscle tone kind of way. Flat chested. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just an observation I make. (Triangle legs with no definition.) I jokingly cover my eyes and back away, because let's face it: we girls don't like to advertise our weight.

She laughs a bit, then wags her finger at me and says, "Uh oh, you left your weight up here! Now I know that you're 135!"

The hell? Good thing I'm not conscientious about that. Then she says smugly, "I'm only 132. Ha."

I almost ALMOST said, "Well, boobs and muscle weigh more than little boy chests and flab. Also, you're two inches shorter than me, so..."

But I didn't, because I'm a fu*&ing lady. I mean, honestly. Who does that? And now, I'm going to go eat my delicious lunch after burning 760 calories in my workout. And then I'm booking jump #2 for the weekend after next. THAT IS HOW I ROLL.

[Off topic, I got an iPhone for my birthday, and guys, I'm so phone stupid it's not even funny. I wanted to trade in my blackjack for a Jitterbug. LOL. But I LOOOOVE it. Now I need apps! Isn't there one for Kindle? I got a facebook one, one for LJ, and... what else do I want? Teach me, oh wise, hip flist.]
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