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Fun weekend, social awkwardness, and Alexander Skaaaaarsgaaaaard.

1. Weekend. I went in for a commercial shoot as an extra, and got picked out of a line of 70+ people to be the STAH. Well, one of 5 stars. They loved the interracial loving I bring. (I always seek out the People of Non-White because a) they're usually the fun people on set and b) white actresses/actors tend to be boring and/or narcissistic. Also, I have a thing for Asian men. I can't help myself.) So while it was awesome that I got to meet some new people who were totally fun and interesting, I ended up having an almost 24 hour day on Saturday. Up at 3:15am and to bed at 2:30am. So glamorous, the acting world. :)

2. Social awkwardness. The people that I hung out with were (with the exception that makes this its own point) so much fun. Relaxed, funny, chill-type people.

There was an old guy that was cast as a rancher fixing a barbed-wire fence. The man has been in Sam Shepherd movies, Tombstone, etc. You look at him and you expect to hear cowboys whistling to their herds. He looked like Wilford Brimley and I kept trying to trick him into saying "Di-uh-bee-tus." Hee. Good hell, this man talked about his average day and it was just grizzled and wry and interesting and funny. Anytime he spoke, we all shut up, smiled, and listened to Grandpa tell tales about the Wild West. He's worked with just about every man in a Western since the 60s. Boy, you should hear the things he had to say about Tommy Lee Jones. Er, they were not good. John Lithgow? One of the nicest men he's ever known. Ditto with Sam Elliot. Just a cool, grizzled old guy that has a ranch with horses and cows and donkeys that loves his dogs and comes in to act when they need a man that looks like him. Cool.

There was my Indian friend that has a movie getting into all sorts of film festivals, talking to us about Bollywood, the Indian culture in Dallas, how fast it's growing, etc. He's hilarious and sweet and totally easy on the eyes, and I'm so excited that he made made a film about his culture - Indian movies and American cities - and that it's being well received. Also, you should check and see if "Bollywood Beats" is coming to a town near you. FUNNY, sweet, poignant, it follows a young man who just wants to dance and starts a dance class to pay the rent and gets a ragtag group of Indian women (and a gay Indian man) who want to dance like they do in Bollywood features. GREAT movie, go see it, tell them Stoney sent you. :)

So, in a nutshell, fun people to spend that much time with, yes? Well, hold up. So there was "Jan," an older woman. At first glance, she looked interesting, like she could have some great stories. Well, if she did, she had no damn idea how to tell them. She cut everyone off mid story to tell HER story that was tangentially related. And her stories ambled and wandered, stopped and poked at the dirt, stared at the sky, got back on the road, then petered off. All. Day. Long. And by 3 in the afternoon, I wanted to nap in the greenroom (as did a few of the others) and we COULDN'T because "Jan" wanted to tell us all about how fabulous she was at skiing when she was younger, how she loves to blah blah blah.

This is my advice, and I say this as the mother of a son with a social disorder (Aspergers.)

IF: people look away from you a lot while you're talking, wrap it up. You've lost them.
IF: people give very small smiles and polite laughter (not loud, raucous, belly shaking laughs) wrap it up. You've lost them.
IF: people continue to say things (when you're done or you've paused) " anyway, as you [other person] were saying..." Sit out a few plays, champ, you've lost them.

I know that faces and body language don't always translate for people (see: Aspergers) so these are clues for you to memorize. Ask a trusted source is you have a tendency to speak in long monologues. If so, you need to learn how to either be quiet more, or break up your conversation for others. (Incidentally, this is what my son has been working on all weekend. But then, he's a kid. If you're in you late 60s, you should have figured this stuff out by now.)

Oy. Long day. Thank goodness for the really cool people that were also there. And the director/AD/etc were all the nicest, happiest people I've ever worked with. That made a huge difference. Oh, and the very hot tattooed man that cooked for us (grilled salmon, a curry-scented chicken salad, a light spinach salad with honeyed walnuts, mini cheesecakes, etc.) made things quite lovely, too. :)

3. Alexander Skaaaaaarsgaaaaard. I may have his name spelled incorrectly... Lol. OH MY GOD. He is why I watch True Blood. Hands down. It doesn't hurt that he's beautiful (and guys, I don't do blondes.) It doesn't hurt that he's a fantastic actor. And it doesn't hurt that he was completely naked in last night's ep. THANK YOU, ALEX. I mean, come on: he's a 6' 5" VIKING VAMPIRE. Well, his character is. Hee.

The show continues to grate on my nerves, and it continues to be when Anna Paquin tries to have comedy chops (she doesn't) and when Bill/Sookie are on screen. And MaryAnn needs to wrap her storyline up, too. NOT. INTERESTED. I watched this time because Lafayette was on, and girl, I will watch Lafayette paint his toenails for a half hour, because the man is awesome. I also love Hoyt/Jessica, and they should replace Bill/Sookie, I'm just saying.

BUT LET'S GET TO THE AWESOME THAT IS ERIC. And his gay love affair with Godric. And the awesome acting chops on Skaarsgard. And how he made me tear up. I teared up at TRUE BLOOD. What?! That is his skill. Also, him naked in bed with the camera aaaaaaalmost panning far down enough to see nirvana was a cruel joke. Do it again. :)

I don't like the liberties they're taking with the book in some cases, because it's changing the storyline considerably.


I don't like that Bill dismissed his maker, because in the books, he TOTALLY LEFT SOOKIE for her. And then Sookie done kilt her dead. I liked that. I don't like the implication that Eric contacted Bill's maker to get him occupied so he could go after Sookie. I don't like that they killed Stan, who was supposed to look like a computer nerd but didn't. Stan shows up later in the books, huh? I don't like that they've COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN THAT SOOKIE CAN READ MINDS. That's the whole freaking POINT of the books and why she likes being with vampires!

How many of you were like me, completely baffled at how TB!Sookie is the worst mind reader ever and let that HUMAN KILL PEOPLE? Because she evidently can't always read minds? Or forgets? I don't even know, it's just lame. Writers: remember your own canon, for Pete's sake.

Also: Anna Paquin: quit trying to be wide eyed and sweet, because you just look vacant with dead eyes. Her scene with Jason and her scene with Godric - there's your strength. Kinda. I just don't think she's very good, guys. Dead eyes dead eyes. (And how many people got a Jason/Sookie vibe with them sitting on the bed saying how much they love each other? Siblings in their 20s hunkered down in bed together? So that's how it is in their family... Lol.)

In conclusion, MORE ERIC, PLEASE. :)
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