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More proof that I'm a goofy goober.

(There's your Spongebob quote of the day. Also, why is it that I had my LJ's name at Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jensen, #1, and NO ONE GOT IT? That saddens me.)

So, people who know me know that I looooooove being there for people. It's my way of saying, "Can I buy your love with either food, wine, or assistance?" Just my way of saying that. Lol.

My new buddy (the one with the brains and pool, I need to come up with a nickname for her...) called and asked if I could pinch hit and pick up one of her kids from the high school. Absolutely! She then asked me if I would mind terribly if I was their "emergency contact" for the kids in their various schools. I was really touched by that. OF COURSE, was my response, then I laughed as I realized that being an ER contact for a friend's kids is the suburban equivalent of being a Mafioso's godparent. Hee.

I'm about to dig up my entire garden out front and re-do it. 1) I am crazy pants and 2) I love digging. Also, I feel like it's a jumble, and I want a more cohesive look. Eh, I'll probably give up half way through and just sit with a mojito and a book.

And I have a new internet name for my buddy: PoolBrains. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Ha ha ha.
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