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Here's your Thursday random.

I got a new fridge yesterday, and I was so happy! Until the delivery guys and I noticed that my husband hadn't taken into account the baseboards messing up our measurements. D'oh! I got to hop behind the fridge - after sweeping, mopping, and bleaching the area, yecch - and with a crow bar, pry off the molding. I was wearing a dress and felt pretty rad, I have to tell you.

And it still wasn't enough.

The corner of our counter top isn't 90 degrees square, so I'm going to have to pull it back out and pry off a strip of the crappy laminate that's preventing my fridge from being put in the right way.

(I had to pull off the teeny section in the front of the weird half-wall, too. One day I will gut that kitchen and make it more functional. One sweet day...)

Here's how far it's jutting out.

Sorry the pics are crappy, they were taken on my cell phone and I couldn't be bothered to turn on the lights. LJ readers, I'm sorry. I apologize. (Hee, that always cracks me up when people apologize for the appearance of their online blogs. Dude, it's YOURS, why should you apologize?) Nonetheless, I'm sorry you guys. [/contrition]

Other things of random:

New rug! So squishy and comfy and hi, there, dog hair collector, I love you. I'm searching for a coral/burnt umber colored shag rug to go over this for a little pop of color. That's such a douchey phrase, a little pop of color. So I'm evidently a douche. Heh.

Sally wanted you to see how cute she is. I love that fuzz face derg.

I bought fabric today to make some drapes for my dining room (cool-toned taupe, basket weave boucle, going for a mid-century, streamlined look with grommets at the top to hang them) and lol'd over the name of a neighboring fabric shop. The area that I was in is the fabric warehouse district, and this is definitely an Engrish translation. Hee. Side note, this same area is the red-light district at night. Fun! you can buy loads of sparkly spandex in a lot of these shops. And tear away Velcro.)

Where house fabrics? RIGHT HERE. I keep hearing a little 3 year old say the name out loud. I wish I could find their mom...

This has made me lol every time I look at it. See: subject header for this post.

Meesa scared! Ahahahahahahahaha. RUN KID RUN!

The weather is weird outside, hot and muggy and windy, and that means a storm is hopefully on the way. Weird weather = weird behavior from me. Guys? I'm sorry. (Heee. WOW, someone had some caffeine today! *points to self*
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