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Attention Xander Harris Fans!

My sister dampersnspoons is currently at Dragon Con and aside from freaking out over James Marsters who touched her (lol) she has informed me that Charisma Carpenter claimed that Xander Harris (aka Nicholas Brendon) was her most favorite person to kiss. Aww.

There is definitely something sensual and "I know what I'm doing" about him. Nicholas I mean, since I've been in a room with him naked before, I get to use his proper name. Well, he was in his tighty whities, not fully nekkid, but you get my point. LOL.

I WILL NOT REPEAT HER (Charisma/Cordy) HATRED OF CONNOR. Anyway. I'm having fun hearing all the glee coming from Atlanta, and thought some of you might enjoy that news. :)
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