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It feels like a Monday

1. My nose is totally clogged up. I want to climb back in bed. Who needs to finish laundry, mop, clean bathrooms before they create new lifeforms when you can sleep and be lazy? *raises hand* Oh, that's right, I have to do those things.

2. In WHEEE! news, today and tomorrow are my son's Science Fair proposal days. Note to new folks: Science Fair is my Graceland. It is my Woodstock, my Manolo Blahnics, my [insert your greatest love] here. My kid has the following ideas (one of which was inspired by me, the other by a cool program on NPR yesterday:)
  • molecular engineering, we're not sure which bacteria we can engineer, though. I'll need to get on the horn with the Science Dept. at Southwestern to see if we can use their lab.
  • converting the house to human generated and solar energy. This one will require the most materials, but that might pay for itself if we can actually get off the grid. With five people in the house pedaling a bike... It's feasible.

This ain't yo daddy's science fair.

3. I baked two loaves of bread yesterday after a summer-long hiatus from my weekly baking. I'm down to 1/4 of one loaf. Looks like the family missed proper bread.

4. I want to lose my office furniture and streamline it. No more things on carpet, I want everything up on the wall. Floating table, floating shelves... And my butt would prefer a drafting table, I think. I'll still have a chair, but I love standing up more than I love sitting down.

5. About a year ago (I think) we found an orange tabby that was SO CUTE. Little tiny baby with white boots. Wandering around the neighborhood, meowing. We took it in, promptly named him Fred Weasley, and then discovered that he had a chip. Called the owner, turns out he lived a few doors down, and when I asked him to describe the cat (I wanted to be sure it was going to the right owner, after all) the man was surly, told me to "shove the cat under the back gate" and hung up. Guess what teenager cat was hanging out in my garden? Oh, and those neighbors MOVED LAST SPRING. I'm trying to lure Fred (lol) to my porch so I can check and see if he's been fixed and maybe integrate him into my cadre of animals. I HAVE A SICKNESS, OKAY? (And if he's not been fixed, he's going to Feral Friends where they will do it and notch his ear so anyone else who finds him will know he's been fixed. At which point we'll change his name to George Weasley. Hahahaha.)

6. In case you've not seen it, you should as it's hilarious. Hitler Finds Out Obama Will Address School Children.
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