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Your Thursday Random

I'm feeling a bit blue today (I blame it on a lack of sleep + head cold that won't quit) so this website is cracking me up. (click the words to refresh the page) Incidentally, it's against Congress' rules of decorum and debate to yell out inflammatory remarks like Joe Wilson did. Just as a by the way. And as a just by the way #2, Wilson was also the guy that thought that uppity illegitimate love child of Strom Thurmond should have shut her trap about being who she was because she "diminished [Strom's] contributions to our country's existence."

I enjoyed (mostly) last night's ep of Glee, although I don't see what Will (the teacher) sees in his wife. It's not about the background they've created for the character, it's something about the actress that plays the wife that is just off. I don't get a maniacal golddigger quality from her. The Guidance Counselor's actress is a far better actress.

And off topic for y'all, but hilarious for me, last night's ep reminded me of my (soon to be) brother in law doing a lip-synced performance of Technotronic's "Jam On It" for his high school. And no, he's not gay. Of course they all thought he was, after that. LOL.

In other news, I have too much to do, not enough time to do it, including trying to figure out a way to hook up with a friend tonight while being a "single mom" as my husband is out of town, working on my book (I haven't in months, I just feel rather hopeless about it) getting my house back to cleanliness, becoming a famous actress while not being able to network properly or devote enough time to taking useless classes (sorry, but they exist to network, not to make crappy actors better) and not get freaked out by the fact that I have my first solo skydive on Saturday, causing me to miss my son's first cross country meet.

I'm crawling back in bed now. Wake me when things get back to order. And someone send me a catalog for wives, I think I could use one.

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