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All right, smart English types, help me out

I read the phrase "deep-seated" and was taken aback. I have ALWAYS thought that the phrase was "deep-seeded." Here's my thinking on why:

deep-seeded racism. Meaning, the racist ideas, etc. are buried deep, hence the seed metaphor. Yes, I am a gardener, this is how I think, lol.

So, if I'm wrong, what does "seat" refer to? Is this one of those turns of phrase that came from something else, a la, "mad as a hatter?" I'm corn-fused.

Also, I went to a fancy schmancy restaurant last night and had the Chef-Tasting/Pairing Course (3) and it was... oh my god, it wasn't good. This guy thought he was on Top Chef and I wanted to be Daddy Tom telling him why it was terrible. And the wine!! So mediocre and! And! The dessert course I got a Bailey's over ice (it's a WINE tasting) and a creme brulee soaked in coffee liquer. Now in theory, that sounds awesome. In execution it was sugar shock and soupy. Huh. (My main course was a fabulous chimichurri sauce over a Cowboy Rib eye. I would like to point out that I'm kinda small. Kinda. A cowboy Ribeye is almost 2 pounds of beef. Good. Lord. And it was a fatty cut of meat, too. I told him that it would have been better to match the sauce - which was perfect - with something small like a fillet Mignon, esp. a buffalo fillet.) Eh. The service was lousy, too. Hotel ZaZa is great, but I can't recommend their restaurant, Dragonfly. Three stars when they put on airs like they're 5. No, you're not.

ETA Check this article that compares the two: deep-seated and deep-seeded. THE PLOT THICKENS! (And thank you everyone that is chiming in.)
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