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Twerk it Tuesday

It's rained non-stop for a week now, and with all of the flash floods, etc., we've been mostly indoors, as has (evidently) every one else. Which means that the locals have some serious cabin fever happening. I'm guessing that this is the cause for some of the... snippy behavior I'm seeing everywhere. People without patience, acting testy and snotty, etc. Example: yesterday as I was driving through a parking lot, one woman decided she needed to back out without worrying about my SUV about to pulverize her Cadillac. I tapped my horn, thinking she hadn't bothered looking around before hitting reverse [after all, she probably had a muy importante bunko planning call on her cell phone, or something] and she laid on her horn, then RACED AFTER ME in the parking lot, then looped back around when I got out of my car to intimidate me. Um... This is the second time in a year this has happened. People? Don't do threatening shit. I'm clearly not a threat (hahaha, I totally am, though) but they don't know I'm not packing heat, because THIS IS TEXAS. Everyone has guns. Lol. My guns are my arms. HEEEEEE.

Anyhoodle. This morning after walking Emily to school, Miss Sally Derg and I are on our drag/run (Sally is still hating exercise) and there's a huge line of cars waiting to pull in and drop off their kids. You can see that people are getting testy in their cars. I had to stop and wait for traffic and a groovy song came on my iPod so, while Sally is sitting calmly waiting for the light to change with her tail thumping (we weren't moving, you see. Happiness for her.) I started busting a groove. I mean totally ridiculous dancing with a goofy face, because hey. It's drizzling, funky music is playing, and people are being weird because OH MY GOD I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE IN MY CAR, RAAAAAGE and that cracks me up.

And while one of the two cars closest to me had a woman that was clearly embarrassed for me, the other lady started laughing and car dancing. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to do something completely goofy and fun in the presence of someone grumpy. Randomly. Silly. Do the robot while waiting in line at the bank. Grab one leg, put the other hand behind your head, and pump that leg like you're Bobby Brown in the checkout stand at the grocers. Something. Anything. Do it! Then post this idea to YOUR journal. Get other people to do it, too. It'll be like the LJ version of a flash mob. (shout out, poshcat!)

Don't you think we should do something like this every few weeks? I love it when I catch people being silly. And clearly I don't embarrass easily. :) [and if you need help, do it around a little kid. You can excuse any silliness on just you trying to entertain a baby, right? Hee.]

HAPPY TUESDAY! [ETA] If you want, here's the song I was listening to, the very non-PC "Get Low" with Lil John [Yeah!] and the Yin Yang Twins. This song makes me laugh my butt off. "I done been to the club 'bout fifty-eleven times, can I play witcho panty line?" WOW. LOL.
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