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my tongue is so far in my cheek it's practically in my throat

Someone has just told me that my "a theesm [sic] and the loss of Marshall Law" *cough* is the reason why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. And this was all prompted by a rant someone posted on their FB (locked) about how the US shouldn't ratify the UN-CRC (a document that basically insures children's rights around the world. You know, to keep things like that 12 year old Yemen girl from dying in childbirth. Clearly that is a godless and dangerous idea?) We need more god and guns, you see. That could mean I couldn't use the rod to keep my child from being spoilt, that's what's wrong with the world! That and my "a theesm." And the lack of Marshall Law. Who is Marshall, and what was the verdict?

It's very hard to have an intellectual discussion with someone who has brought no intellect to the table.

In other news, I continued my random acts of silly by getting a pumpkin-spice latte at Starbucks and singing Metallica at the barista, who wore a "Coffee Master" apron. Master! Master! Master of Coffee is grinding my beans!

I got my coffee for free, and a laugh at that person's expense I MEANT TO SAY I got to laugh at the Marshall Law person's expense. My coffee dude and I talked like Yoda and cracked some D&D jokes, we were cool, lol. Score one for me. (I'm spammy today, sorry.)
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