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Slug on my leg slug on my leg slug on my leg SLUG on my freaking LEG MEAT!!!!!

After my run this morning I poked around in the garden, clearing out weeds, etc. We've had CRAZY rain for over a week now, and it's just getting out of control. I got covered in mud and mulch and leaves, as one does, and as I came in, I stomped my feet hard to get everything loose before coming inside. I;'m still a little muddy because it's MUDDY outside. I see a mess the cats made and start cleaning that up before heading to the shower, then see some crumbs on the floor, so go sweep that... I have issues with dirt, what can I say.

What I'm getting at is that I had a good 10, 15 minutes of ambling about in the kitchen and felt something weird on my shin. THERE WAS A SLUG. ON MY LEG. *cries* Slugs gross me the hell out. Slugs and snails, never ever ever will I like them, sorry. My house has been COVERED in baby snails for days due to the rain and I feel like I'm living in a horror movie. GROSS. Gross gross gross.

In other news, the movie Paranormal Activity looks like it might be one of the best horror movies of all time. OF ALL TIME. Why isn't it playing in my town yet, dangit?! (NOTE: I prefer going into to horror movies as blank as possible, so I don't want to talk about it other than it looks freaky, please. Too much knowledge ruins that type of movie, imo. See: The Descent and my COMPLETE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of what it was about, therefore I almost had a heart attack at the pivotal scene that I won't spoil you for, if you've not seen it. AWESOME.)

I'm off to Karen Silkwood shower. How sad that only a handful of you get that reference... Wait, does that make us the sad ones? Lol.
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