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Question to the public at large:

It seems that LJ is making available to people with paid/permanent accounts the ability to put Google AdSense ads on your LJ, thereby earning you a little dosh, should you have a high enough hit count to your post.

It's - of course - sparked a huge debate over on the link where this was announced. My question to you is, are you for, or against this, and why?

I'm pretty meh on it - I see ads everywhere I go online, so I ain't bovvered. Plus, if it puts money in someone's pocket, what's that to me? But of course, my thoughts on the matter are just that, mine. So what are yours?

To sweeten the deal, allow me to link you to a funny (AND NOT WORK SAFE) video of a comedian/rapper, who just happens to be the VERY FIRST BOY I EVER DATED. He's quite handsome, still. Oh, my stupid lame LDS upbringing, preventing me from making out with him when I had a chance... Lol. (Hee, I can remember the outfit I wore on our first date, and everything: navy blue off the shoulder sweater with white piping, very naval-inspired, and a white pencil skirt and white espadrilles. He wore skater punk chic and I thought he was the hottest thing EVAH.)

Off topic, what did you think of House last night? Most likely will be spoilers in the comments.
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