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Friday good times

I haven't responded to a bunch of comments, and I'm sorry for that, but I just am low on time.

HOWEVER. I felt that I would be doing y'all a disservice if I didn't share these perverted and hilarious planters with you. How can a planter be perverted? Check the link. (Small enough that you could get away with looking at it at work. But the perverted planter thing should tip you off.)

Also, this website is my new favorite thing. Sassy, dirty mouthed women that like a pretty house and yummy food? It's like they KNOW ME. LOL.

I need to get a hair cut (something new, I'm BORED with myself) bake up some carrot cake cupcakes with chevre frosting (oh my god) make ortho appointments, re-book my AFF skydiving class/jump that I missed because of our incessant rain, and maybe mop my floors for once. Hmm. Take a guess on what won't get done today! Wheeee, almost the weekend!

[ETA] I forgot! Tomorrow is Free Museum Day, courtesy of the Smithsonian. Check out this link to find which museums are participating in your area. AWESOME.
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