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Blood on the Highway stuff + shopping

First, I want to remind you that you can watch Blood on the Highway, the tour de force vampire comedy-horror movie I am in with Nicholas Brendon and Tom Towles on Comcast On Demand as well as through Time Warner Cable's Video on Demand. For a lousy $3.95 - the price of a cup of expensive coffee - you can laugh, cringe, laugh, and cringe and point at me while cringing and laughing. What's not to love?

"But Stoney," you might be saying, "I don't like you." Then I would say that you can mock my overweight, chubby body in unattractive clothing and makeup and scowl at my filthy mouth! And I would say this while flipping you the bird, because what did I ever do to you? Aside from stealing your boyfriend AND your girlfriend, I mean.

"But Stoney," you might continue saying (and seriously, I have laundry to do, wrap it up), "I don't know if you're worth $3.95. Sometimes low budget movies are so bad I want to throw puppies at nuns until they bleed from it."

Well, don't take my word, then! Here are just a few reviews where people are so blown away by the hilarity and awesome that they're starting religions based around the movie! (No, they're not, but that's a religion to which I would gladly tithe.) Lol. *cough* I'm Lynnette in the movie, btw. :) And the first link is a great sci-fi/all things geek (like me!) site, not just a place for me to bask in their glowing review. Ha.

And if you're in Germany, you get the FIRST DVD RELEASE HONORS! (France gets us on Blu-ray next week. Why? WHY NOT.) I like the subtitle of our movie: "Titty Twister War Gestern!" What?! Ach, Germans, liebe ich Sie.) I'll put it to you like this: the more people in the U.S. watch it on demand, the sooner it will come out on DVD here. So. GET CRACKING!

In other news, I went fancy dress shopping with my sister dampersnspoons yesterday for some upcoming nuptials (hers!) and had a great day. And I was reminded how ADD I am, I just can't hold a thought/conversation while there are things buzzing all around me. Gah. And note to girls out there that are looking for beautiful dresses in plus sizes. Neiman's had some GORGEOUS gowns - they went to size 16, but Dillards wins hands down. Pretty pretty dresses and I noted that they went up in the 20s. So. Should you be looking for some special occasion clothing (or any clothing) Dillards caters to the majority of US women. :) It's about time someone made great clothes for you, am I right?

But I spent my money in Nordstroms on their frilly underthings. What is it about a pretty bra and panty set that just makes a girl feel great? <3 I was properly sized while there, and man, has my size changed since getting fit! I mean, duh, but whoo boy. Nothing like a properly fitted bra to make you like yourself! (Oh, and for you large and in charge ladies, Nordtroms also caters to you. Bra sizes up through J!) And if you've never been fitted for your bra size, CUT THAT OUT. Go get sized and rid yourself of back fat/stooped shoulders. :) I'll get off my soapbox now. (If only to oogle your newly fitted hot self. Heh.)

TV: Um, I had NO IDEA that Jack Davenport is on FlashForward. And I had no idea how AWESOME that show is. (Finally caught up on my DVR last night.) Did anyone else catch the LOST reference in the beginning!?!? (And I freaking loved Modern Family. I love you, Ty Burrell. Never stop doing what you do.)
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