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He put it to her with only his oppression and man tool! [Bad!Fic]

Look. I'm spammy today. But it's Monday, the weather is weird, I'm avoiding housework, and I was linked to a WONDERFULLY HORRIBLE story. And I loved it so much, I made a podcast with me reading the story as a Ukrainian immigrant. With no offense meant to any Ukrainians, I find you to be lovely people. I just wanted to be a little ridiculous, and believe me, my phony accent is completely ridiculous.

Here! Listen to me read you a bed time story!


Here! Read along with me as we share special times together! FUN TIMES FOR MONDAY. (No swear words, just... the story is Bart and Lisa Simpson making a baby while freezing on a mountain. WHAT.)

Tags: awwwwwspam!, bad!(great)fic
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