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"Mr. Polanski perhaps had committed a youthful error."

No, that's not me saying it, it's philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy, in his attempt to let the Swiss gov't know that they should release CONVICTED pedophile and rapist Roman Polanski from extradition to the US.

It's important to note that Polanski was FOUND GUILTY. And he even plea bargained for lesser charges, after admitting his guilt. That he did something unlawful and unconscionable isn't in question. No, it's not, Hollywood. He admitted it, it was found to be true. He was too precious to be thrown in jail, so many people helped him escape so he could vacation in the south of France for the past 31 years. Boo hoo. Because I'm sure he missed Rosco's Chicken and Waffles and Boston traffic for the past 31 years, what a hardship.

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS CASE IS ABOUT: Polanski was at Jack Nicholson's house. A 13 year old girl was there (nothing else is relevant. Her mother letting her go over there, the girl having been sexually active or not prior to this, THAT IS IRRELEVANT TO THE LAW.) Polanski talked her into getting naked for pictures. He gave her champagne and slipped her Quaaludes. He had her in a jacuzzi, naked. He manhandled her and she said NO. He coerced her into a bedroom, naked, drunk, and drugged. She continued to say NO. Polanski said that "she was not unresponsive" in his testimony. He then performed oral sex on her, and then anally raped her AS SHE SAID NO. If you can stomach it, here are the court documents detailing this even further.

I tend to take umbrage with the word "elite." It's usually applied by people who champion mediocrity and use it against intellectuals who don't. But in this case, this is the artistic elite who are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with actual human beings. These are people who live a life a privilege, people who get what they want, when they want, and as much as they want. People who don't worry about traffic laws, about paying bills on time (if even paying for all of their bills) people who don't have to worry about things The Common Man does. Tough titty, said the kitty. You are not above us. You are not above the laws of humans.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Harvey Weinstein, who is known to strong arm people in the industry, has been "emailing everyone [he] knows" telling them to support Polanski on this. So. I mentioned to Kita last night that I think a lot of the people signing this petition in defense are being coerced into it. Which doesn't make it ok, it just explains a few things. You have the man that gets people their Oscars and the director of the freaking Cannes film festival telling you to sign. Well, this should just serve as a reminder that actors, directors, etc. are all just weak people, too. They're not special inside, that's not why they're on your screen. They're pretty. They emote well. They memorize lines. They write beautiful words. They create camera angles that evoke memories both wonderful and painful for us. BUT. They're not EMTs. They're not teachers. They're not firemen that risk their lives daily for strangers. They're not working to cure cancer. They make entertainment for those of us that do. WE NEED TO STOP HOLDING THEM ABOVE US. And this, coming from a wanna be actress and writer. (One that isn't friends with many other actors because they tend to be weak douche bags looking for their next gig and doing whatever it takes to get it.)

In the words of Luc Besson, who is close friends with Polanski and still refused to sign the petition, "There is but one justice, and that should be the same for everyone." He continued and said, "...I have a daughter, 13 years old. And if she was violated, nothing would be the same, even 30 years later." Well said, sir.

WOMEN: this event took place in a time when we didn't have our voices. When sexual harassment was the norm, when women could be raped because of how they dressed, when we were what assisted Great Men to become just that. No woman that I can respect will support Polanski. No woman. This is an excellent article. Even though crimes were committed long ago, IT MEANS SOMETHING TO THE WORLD THAT JUSTICE BE SERVED. It's not about the young woman who was violated, not any longer. She's found her peace with this, and mostly out of necessity to get away from the media coverage. It is about the PERSON THAT COMMITTED A CRIME. And let me put this in perspective: Elizabeth Smart was 15 when she was raped and abducted. Two years OLDER. And she didn't want anything done to Brian David Mitchell, her abductor. But because we decided as a society, east and west, to protect our children and to be their advocates, it is time we were.

I know I'm not bringing anything new to this. But I've been sick to my stomach about this for days. I've never seen Chinatown. I never will. Yes, it's a fabulous film, I'm told. And? It was made when this happened. I accidentally saw The Pianist, not knowing it was his film. And I will never watch it again. It's my own protest, my own way of speaking up for all young women who were violated in some way and never had justice served for them. I don't give a shit if it's Jesus or Ghandi or whoever: you committed a crime, you must pay the penalty for that, period.

[ETA] It appears that France is backing down on its call to release Polanski. Uh huh. Saw that backlash and started thinking, huh? I like France. I'm glad the leaders are seeing reason. (They had evidently written Hillary Clinton asking for his release. OH HELL NO, I would hope she replied.)

[ETA 2] Here is a picture of the victim when she was 13 and recently. I just read a comment from a man that called us (those that are sickened by this man's acts) the Christian Taliban. Another supporter chided the US for how long Polanski was supposed to spend in jail as in Finland, a "reasonable sentence would be a few months for a first time offender." I wonder how many of those offenders go on to be second timers? Are these people for real?!
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