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Tell ya mama I axed how she durrin

I love the south. Love it. But I love these clips from Shirley Q Liquor even more. (Campy drag queen doing the best Delta stereotypical voice there is.) Lawd, I've been wiping tears all morning.

Axe ya mama bout her tomatoes. W-A-L-M-A-R-K. There's a walkmarks near err-body. "I got 19 chirrins." "How old are they?" "Oh, lord! Well, I think they all under eleven." The one about being a church slave had me pounding my fist, laughing my butt off. She's talking about a hat she made out of wood and stick on "diamonds" and that Jesus would love it. "I werr dat fer his gler." (Glory.) TEARS. Tears running down my face. Ahahahahaha.

I think I may need to go as her for Halloween this year. I think this needs t happen. Except, in tradition of American women, I'll go as a slutty version of her. LOL. My sister last year went as a slutty slut, and her fiance went as a slutty cat. No, really. I love my family.

I'm a little out of it this morning, what? YES it's not PC. YES it's possibly offensive to someone. Let me root around in my purse for some care... Laugh or do not laugh, there is no try. WHEEEE MONDAY!

(Oh, and I'm wrapping up Perfume, The Story of A Murderer and it's FABULOUS. If you're looking for a fantastic story that sucks you in with wonderful writing and characters, that's the one. Whomever translated it from the original German to English did an outstanding job. Big thumbs up.)
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