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Scary movie and a scary man

First, the movie: I just got back from seeing Paranormal Activity, that scary movie I mentioned a while back. 1. If you haven't seen the trailer, DON'T. I think it puts too much in it, after having seen it. (I kinda hate when trailers do that.) 2. I felt a little deflated at the end, like, "That's it?" But the more I talked about it with the Mr. the more I enjoyed it and appreciated it.

  • they made this movie for 11 grand. That is INSANE. Crazy cheap. That's essentially the cost of the equipment and editing. Just about everyone worked for free, which, that's pretty cool.

  • it follows a "Blair Witch Project" style that really works. I loved TBWP, and thought the last few minutes are some of the most frightening I've seen in a movie.

(Oooh, the director's cut of The Exorcist when Regan is walking upside down like a crab on the ceiling is FUCKING SCARY.)

This movie is very creepy, and in some places, disturbing. Now, I have no belief in the supernatural, in the afterlife, etc. None. If I did, this movie would have jacked me up, like The Exorcist did when I was a believer. (Man, did that movie terrify me.) I think - overall - that I'm more terrified by my own imagination while reading something frightening than I'll ever be in a movie. Then again, I almost wet my pants during the pivotal scene in The Descent when the infra-red camera picks up OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THIIIIIIIING! over the girl's shoulder. GAH!! (I also had NO IDEA what that movie was about, which I always highly recommend for anyone going to a horror movie.)

In summation, I enjoyed my hour and a half, and I remembered that this was a low budget movie that looks very good and is very well acted.

Scary man: who watched Oprah's interview of Mike Tyson yesterday? I have to tell y'all, I've been a boxing fan FOR YEARS. Loved it. Saw Evander Hollyfield win the title in the 90s when I was living outside of Las Vegas, grew up watching Sugar Ray with my dad... loved it. I'd never seen someone work like Tyson did in the ring. The man was an absolute gladiator. A primal warrior, but do not ever make the mistake and think the man isn't smart. Mike Tyson is maybe the best boxer of all time, but will never be that because of his broken, broken mind. And if you didn't realize it, boxing is all about calculations. You can't be a dummy and fight well, unless you're Tom Cruise in a bare-knuckle boxing movie. Lol. Now, you can be KNOCKED stupid, see George Foreman. But Foreman trained to be a brick that could be hit and hit and hit, then, when his competitor was worn out, he'd throw a punch and win. He won by endurance. Yeesh.

[ETA] Here's a clip of Tyson's knockouts.

He talked about being terrorized as a kid, his dad beating the hell out of his mom. living on the streets (I think he had been arrested over 30 times by the time he was 13.) and I couldn't help but notice Oprah, her normal "I'm freakin' Oprah, people" bravado GONE sitting next to him. If you watch it, notice when she reaches over to pat his knee and her whole demeanor changes. The man is a brick, and I'm sure bundled energy, too. She shifted in her seat and wouldn't get any closer to him.

Regardless of changes he's made, regardless of how he's realizing the mistakes he's made, he's Mike Freaking Tyson. What do you do if he loses control? Run, that's what. He just made me sad, though. He thought drug dealers didn't come after him (he would dare them to try and take their money) because they felt sorry for him. And there was no guile, nothing, just "I am this horrible, pathetic thing, now." It's sad to see that the man is capable of intelligence, deep thoughts, no, really - but because he was never given the real tool of language, all he can do is stumble with words and try and communicate in his broken way.

There are moments when you hear him and you know what he's trying to say and know that he can't. He reminded me painfully of my ex-husband - same sad beginnings, same inability to communicate, same resorting to violence because there's no impulse control, and because you're taught that's what a man does. Absolutely fascinating interview and I'm definitely going to watch the documentary just released about him.

In the meantime, I have a plate of fudge I made and it's calling my name. I need some sweetness. (And I just got my copy of The Last Unicorn and The Neverending Story books - books I've never read! How is that possible??)
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