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Potential triggery stuff - FLDS talk

I've been quiet about the trial that's going on because so much of it is just plain upsetting to me, so I've avoided it. But I was asked a question about a specific issue (won't go into detail) and came across this post. That's the potentially triggery stuff, btw. Never forget that this organization isn't some hippie, feel good "we just want to worship our God" religion. This is an outfit that went about specifically targeting YOUNG (as in: seriously under aged) girls to make them subservient and to be breeders. That's all women are good for, they can serve no leadership positions, their advice isn't wanted (and can get them a pop in the mouth or a few days in the potato shed for speaking out of turn) and they are systematically beaten and broken down until there's nothing left.

If I read one more comment on a blog about how they're "just wanting to practice their religion" I'm going to fly off in a rage. Or create a religion where I get to take anything of yours I want and rock out on amyl poppers. What? It's what my god wants me to do!

(Important to note: even old time FLDS folks - read: pre Warren Jeffs - were shocked by the temple bed. But the more secretive these people get, the more crazy stuff they do. Like how apparently Jeffs kept TAPES OF HIMSELF CONSUMMATING HIS "MARRIAGES" TO YOUNG GIRLS.)

I will never forget the shock I felt when I got a question from the State Troopers re: the original bust and they asked if there were beds in the temples. There are padded altars. This whole thing is just a gross distortion of the original weirdness. (Here's what Mormon temple altars look like.) I MEAN, HELLO.

Geh. In other news, I've completely gutted my office, selling off the furniture, painting walls, etc. and I'm wanting to put in this coffee table and a bunch of comfy chairs and have a relaxed space. No more formal office for me, I think. We're all laptop users now, so why have a desk designed for a PC? Exactly.

I have hummingbirds all over my Mexican bush sage out front. <3
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