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Just.... own up. Okay?

I am at the point in Angel Season 4 where Cordy reveals her pregnant belly.

When my kids are bad (I mean, BAD. Like, pooping in their room for the convenience, hiding the nasty trash in the hamper and everyone walking around with that FACE wondering what in god's name climbed out of the dead skunk's ass, slid through the abbattoir, ate old cheese, then sat out in the sun BAD) I tell them that I will still love them, but I need them to just be honest.

Jasmine is a cool idea, but they frakkin forced it too quickly without making anyone believe it. Cordy with the "give mama some sugar" and birthing evil, causing death, but it's for the good?

Confidential to ME: you wrote a bad season, and you won't admit it. We promise we will love you more if you JUST COME CLEAN.
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