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Grumpy grumpy grumpy today. The Mr. left for a week long trip, starting off a 10 month-long project of weekly travel. He also woke me by giving me a rundown of what was wrong with everyone [the boy woke up late, there wasn't any bread - I went to the store yesterday, called and ASKED IF I NEEDED TO GET ANYTHING, the dogs puked on the rug, gah], and I had 10 minutes to solve everything before running The Boy to early morning practice. Before coffee. Which, notice that none was made by the person who had been up for an hour. Now, I ask you! Come on, dude. *head desk*

Then, I had a doctor's appointment where - you know what? It set me off so much that I'm not even going to repeat it. Suffice it to say that she said something jerky, I called her on it, and hopefully that learned her up some. I don't need to infect anyone else with that grumpiness.

My pants are tight, I'm on my monthlies, my floor needs mopping, my hair is frizzed, and I'm completely surrounded by a lack of chocolate. :( I feel like stomping around the house and making angry faces. I think I'll do that until the dogs start sniffing their butts and giving me looks, which should chasten me and put me to rights. Or my cat will turn her back to me until I get with the program. It's hard to stay mad for long when you have a fluffy cat that is trying to teach you a lesson.


It is sunny and beautiful outside, maybe I should go out there with a book and just forget getting anything else done today... If anyone could find a way to airlift some brownies my way (or nachos, I'm not picky) that would be super fantastic.

this post brought to you by my goal to do NaNo this year and realizing that my last year's project was my book and I've stopped submitting it and I hate trying to write because I suck at it. GAAAAAAAAAH.
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