Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

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wah waaaaaaaaaah <--ineffectual noise from cartoons, etc.

I just had to explain what "kitchen sink" means in a joke. You know the one about "it has everything but the kitchen sink?"

You know what makes jokes funnier? Explaining what makes them funny. Especially when the joke wasn't a knee slapper in the beginning. Hey, you there, reader: pull my finger.

(See, the joke is, I'm going to fart when you pull my finger. Except that you're reading this and possibly many miles away, so you can't pull my finger. It's a tragicomedy!)

Wow. I see many pounds of wine in my future this evening. And maybe Team America. And feel free to make crack fic suggestions in comments so I can get this party switch flipped into the "on" position. Oy.

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