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Costumes are kind of a way of life for me. POLL CALL!

Do you know many grown women that have their own costume boxes? Don't judge me, I just like playing, lol. So first, I need to finish my costume for Halloween, the lame-ass sister from Troll 2 in her Garfield Aries nightshirt and spiral-permed hair, which will be so indie no one will get it, but I will know, you guys. I will know. I'm working on having her impromptu dance routine down, too. It's the little touches that make a costume truly great. Hahaha. And if you've never seen the worst movie ever made, no really it is, you HAVE to see Troll 2. Mostly because there's not a single troll in it, and the little boy has to pee on their food to keep them from becoming vegetables. NO, REALLY. Lol.

Costume #2 is for a birthday part the week after Halloween that requires the Mr. and I to dress in our best high school gear from the 80s as the birthday boy is turning 40 and wants to relive his youth. Now, I'm only 23, so I have no idea how to dress. *cough* [I'm not really 23. I remember the 80s quite well.] But here's the big problem:

80s?!?! WHICH PART? Early punk? Early Valley Girl with pastels and popped collars? Splatter-painted jeans? Jumpsuits and heels with ankle socks? My Depeche Mode period with shaved head and trench coat and yellow plaid PEGGED jeans? (Yes, that was hot. In the way that wasn't.) Madonna? Poison? Michael Jackson? Hip Hop? WHAT LOOK, ZOMG.

I think a must is shoulder pads, regardless. And really shiny lips and way too much makeup. And crimped hair. Part of me wants to go as a Robert Palmer girl from the Addicted To Love video and carry a Guitar Hero guitar (lol.) So here's where you come in: there's a poll under the cut to help me narrow this down. Please comment if you have any other suggestions, in case I've forgotten something like DYNASTY. Or Carol Seaver! OH MY GOD FACTS OF LIFE/BLAIR!!!! I NEED COUNTESS WILLHEMINA MAKEUP, ahahahahaha. <3

Poll #1473748 I Love the 80s!

This is my favorite look from the 80s, Stoney:

early punk of the decade, which was old punk, if we're being accurate.
Country-Western shirts, mother of pearl snaps, prairie skirts and boots. Feather in the hair.
last days of disco, spandex suit that shows more that you should show, frizzy hair.
Computer nerd/DEVO look. Complete with stacked helmet, a la DEVO. (Crack that whip!)
Beach bunny, white and turquoise stripes, bandeau tops, shark tooth necklace.

Pfft, those were lame. THESE are my favorite 80s looks, Stoney!

Two words: Jake. Ryan.
Two words: Prom. Queen.
One word: Sam. In that pink number she wore to the dance and chickened out asking out Jake Ryan.
Pfft. The off the shoulder black sweatshirt and skirt combo from the bus ride.
What the hell with 16 Candles, Stoney? Speaking of, the geeky girl with the appliqué dress on the sweatshirt. WE ALL WORE THOSE.

ENOUGH JOHN HUGHES. Wait, there's no such thing.

Why not the ugly dress Molly makes for prom out of a pink taffeta? Seriously, that was the ugliest thing ever. But she had that pink Karma Ghia, which rocked.
Retro 50s, a la 80s style. Meaning, a punk edge to it.
Bright colors, acrylic accessories, leggings, off the shoulder top.
B Boy, YEAH! Parachute pants, Michael Jackson jacket, cardboard for break dancing. Electric Boogaloo!
MADONNA. Any. Esp. the look you wore for years with the short hair, the stripe tee, the Papa Don't Preach look. Come on, that's still hot.

We've barely scratched the surface.

One word: SPANDEX. Black, tight, cut outs, panty hose. Robert Palmer girl, yo.
No, no, bright yellow spandex like Whitney Houston when she had those extensions and dated the butleer on Silver Spoons. (That just happened. I just wrote that from memory. BOOYAH.)
Carol Seaver, aka, how you really dressed, stop fronting. Big clothes, pegged jeans, puffy sneakers, frizzy hair, massive glasses. (sad face)
80 Rocker chick: huge hair (Rave 4 required) ripped acid wash jeans, tee shirt with a tiger on it. And that's ripped, too.
Anything Jackie Collins wore in Dynasty.
Two words: ROBERT PLANT. Hello, The Cure? Smeared lipstick, black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside?
FRESH PRINCE! (wait, that was 90s. Never mind.) COSBY SHOW. Anything Denise Huxtable wore.

[eta] Oh that you could edit polls! Robert SMITH, not plant. Also: 80s prep, as in Endless Love with broken in jeans, add-a-bead necklaces, and chambray shirts, velvet blazers with wooden buttons! Or Bon Jovi chick look: shapeless white mock-turtleneck tucked in to pegged/tapers acid-wash jeans that had those two triangle flaps that folded over where your belt would go, black, scrunched flat ankle boots. HAWT. Conch-shell belts over your prairie skirt! Frankie Says t-shirts! THE LOOKS ARE ENDLESS.
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