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Why am I *that* person?

Some of you may remember that I put my office furniture up on Craigslist so I can re-do it in a manner of a lounge. I got a hit from someone yesterday that only wanted specific pieces, could they just have those, can they come see it, etc. After 14 messages later [oy] where they told me their whole schedule for work, dinner plans, etc. they finally came by and dithered over them. Then while the husband started an argument with the wife about how she always buys "crap" the mother interrupted that to tell me all about her daughter getting "knocked up" and not going to college, not even waiting long after graduation to "do it" and the "baby daddy" was in the car not helping them decide what to buy and maybe he wouldn't "get off his ass" to help them carry it to the car, etc.

Oh, the daughter was there. Standing right there with us. So I gracefully excused myself "to let them come to a decision" and they start going through my books. So I gracefully entered my office and engaged them so they would leave my things alone. Then the mother told me about how she hates DELL computers, because they suck. I have a Dell, prominently on display. Which, she points out, is why she wanted to mention it to me.

I JUST DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT, you guys. Why am I that person that attracts the crazies? Why do I have to be "nice" and make people feel like they can tell me their problems and show me their weird moles? I don't want to see your weird mole, YES you should go to the doctor, OH MY GOD. Yo lo creo. No me gusta!! [These people did not, in fact, show me moles. I have had people do that before, however.]

They did buy the furniture, they took their time getting it out, and as soon as the door was shut, I locked the door and let them figure it out from there. (They moved it off to the porch.)

Sometimes we all need reminders (me, included.) Everything happening in your life isn't important. Everything happening in your family's life isn't meant for public consumption. Arguing in public is awful. Insulting (even jokingly) your spouse or child in public (especially) is rotten. It makes everyone want to run away from you. Or it makes me question why I let you in my house and wonder how quickly I can get rid of you. I'm just saying. I've written up some "helpful rules" that maybe need a refresher for some folks. LOL.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for a massage so I can blog about that and then later about my boogers and why my kids and husband suck. Because I'm the exception. Ahahahaha. WHEE IT'S FRIDAY!!
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