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Goldangit. I'm not supposed to write this.

I'm supposed to be doing laundry.  And vacuuming.  This was supposed to be the grocery list.  Then karabair posted some of her postcard fics, and this just sprang up among the ideas for my postcard... Rating: PG Spoilers: For Faith? Up to the last fifteen minutes of the last Angel ep/NFA S5. Protagonist: Faith Subject: A letter to Wes from Faith. She doesn't know.

Yeah, so Robin said this would be all good for me and - whatever. Oh - Robin Wood.  He's, uh, mine.  Remember that slayer that Spike killed in NY?  It's her kid.  You'd like him.  He's all noble and shit, but can throw down in a fight, too.  Forget what you may have heard about him and B dating.  Fucking rumors, man.
After we stopped the First we though it'd be chill for a while.  Thought the slayerettes could handle the next Big Bad.  Then we heard you and Angel fucking turned from the mish.  I know why I got all dark and evil, but come on.  You cut your girl's head off and go Vader?  The hell?
Heard yesterday from Giles.  Says Angel and the gang went Sydney.  You catch that show?  Alias?  Pretty good.  You'd like the skinny dude.  Kinda looks like you.  Turns out you fought your own Big Bad, huh?  Fucking dragons and shit?  Shoulda called.  Could have been in LA in an hour.
So now that I don't have to hunt you down and kick your ass for being all turncoat, I just wanna say that I hope we're cool.  I was a pretty messed up kid.  I kinda got put in charge of the new girls out here.  Kids mostly.  But they're alright.  Some of them had it bad like me.  It ain't all singing and braiding hair, but it's cool.  It's weird to have kids look up to me.  I think they get me and B mixed up sometimes.
You're no Angel, but... you're cool.  Sorry for torturing you and ... you know.  Sorry.  I don't care what you hear, Robin is NOT like Gunn.  Gunn was cool and all, but what was with the Texas Twig?  Oh, snap!  Sorry, Wes.  Tell Angel's brat "hey" for me.  And that if he ever makes a move on his dad again?  I'll kick his ass worse than last time.
Drop me a line and tell me how much demon-ass you kicked in that fight.
Stay cool.

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