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I don't usually meme... but I think Amazing Larry has something to share with the rest of us.*

But I've seen this one all over my flist and it's the kind I like to do, so here we are, folks. Face to face. A couple of silver spoons. [It's all 80s all the time with me, what can I say. I'm hoping to find we're two of a kind. Making it show. Making it grow, together! We're gonna find our way.... Together! I could keep going on, but I'll spare you. For those who have no idea what I'm doing, here you go.]

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. Like you there and so and so and whatshername. We're tight, like 10 toes in a sock. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

And obviously, there may be some questions I won't answer because it might be seriously cheeky or far too personal. I won't reveal my kids names, my husband's name or work place, that kind of thing. BUT I WILL REVEAL MY SOUL, you only have to ask. Lol.

In other news, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be one of my all-time favorite comedy shows. If you're not watching, you are missing out big time. Ditto on Glee, which I don't think is being viewed the way it's meant to by some. Huh. And Dollhouse - holy crap, the actor that plays Victor is maybe one of the best character actors I've seen on a TV show, no joke. The guy's range is astounding. And the show is DE-STUR-BING in a great way. Man, I freaking love it. I know it's polarizing, but I like it, I'm bothered and fascinated and squicked and entertained, which is a good thing, imo. Who else is watching FastForward? LOVE. IT. I'm not caught up on this past week's ep, btw. Also, I hear Breaking Bad is great, but I just don't have time for another show just yet. Half of my agency is in that show, too. That and Friday Night Lights. OH THAT I COULD BOOK THAT GIG!! One of my acting buddies is on the upcoming season and sent me pictures with him and Coach Taylor and I died a little from jealousy.

Oh! And while it's not brilliant, I'm enjoying Community. Mostly because I have a total crush on Joel McHale. And with lines like "I think anti-racism is the new racism" making me snort out, I'll keep watching. (And then Chevy Chase went to make a cup of "Condoleeza Rice coffee." They had a color wheel from Seal to Seal's teeth. LOLOLOLOL.) [ETA] And I forgot one of my FAVORITES: Modern Family. I freaking love that show. I think it's smart, funny, sweet at times, and I love how they constantly turn stereotypes around. Funny stuff, and I can't wait for more baby Lily/two gay daddy shenanigans.

Rambling on, it's cold and rainy and soup/cheesy bread weather. YAY!

*total Entrenous shout-out there. Feel better, sweets!
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