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Yes you ARE a writer.

Just something I needed to read today, and I bet some of you out there need the chuck on the shoulder, too. And if you're not following Janet Reid's fabulous blog about her life as an agent, how to get published, the life of a writer, well, let this serve as a head's up to add it to your blog roll.

And I'm going to take the NaNo plunge for the third time. Let's see if it'll produce anything of note this year. I haven't been much of a writer for a few months, and I think I need to just remind myself of what I love doing. And hate doing. But love. Heh.


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Oct. 27th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
Do you want to loop you in on our writing loop?
Oct. 27th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
ALWAYS. I have GOT to get back into a groove, I've been seriously down on myself for months. <3
Oct. 27th, 2009 01:12 am (UTC)
I already decided to take up NaNoWriMo this year, especially since I have a nice idea I really would like to work. I just hope I manage to balance it with college and work. XD

Still, thanks for reminding me of my commitment. ;) Race ya to the finish line. *runs off in his Pratchett-esque fedora*
Oct. 27th, 2009 01:14 am (UTC)
(I'm on the nano boards as my user name if you need encouragement.)

50K - you can TOTALLY churn that out!
Nov. 1st, 2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
Yay, got my first 2000 words down tonight. But I'm afraid my style is too compact for my own good - need to filibuster more.
Oct. 27th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
I'm trying too --> I'm tangled_threads on the NaNo boards if you want to be NaNo buddies, too :)

I've been reading a lot of Justine Larbalestier's blog posts lately. I haven't read any of her books (though I have read her husband Scott Westerfield's stuff) but her advice gets me psyched to write.
Oct. 27th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
I have a bunch of agent/publisher sites I follow and I usually find them incredibly motivational, too. I've just been meh about my writing, so that was a good feel good about it post that I needed.
Oct. 27th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
told ya. Now suck it up sister and get to work.
Oct. 27th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
I'm going, I'm going...
Oct. 27th, 2009 11:30 pm (UTC)
thanks for the new blog to read

I am also doing NaNo this year, haven't made it to the finish line yet, but I'm hopeful

I'm LKat on nano's site if you need a writing buddy

good luck!
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