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Icon is tongue in cheek for Soundingsea. Hee.

  • I have an awesome flist. Just putting that out there. :)
  • I am NOT going to procrastinate today, I'm going to get a huge list of chores done, revisions done (I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with my ms: I'm trying to do both speculative fiction AND narrative. Pick one, doofus!)
  • I am going to do my hardcore yoga today and I AM going to do reverse half-moon, damn it. *cries*
  • I am going to put up the rest of the Halloween decorations today. My house without Halloween stuff is like a rainbow without a pot of gold.
  • I am going to bake bread, and time willing, I am going to make ginger orange rolls. I MEAN, COME ON. That needs to be in my mouth this second.
  • I love Chuck Wendig's blog - he's hilarious. (Warning: he swears a lot, and I - shockingly - have readers that aren't down with the cussin'.) This is my favorite post, mostly because he uses the word "Slugabed." That's now in the daily vernacular. :D
  • I dare you to not cry when you see this old man, lifelong Republican, WW2 vet, 54 year married straight man tell his government that equality for marriage is simple: it's American. "What do you think I voted for at Omaha Beach?"
  • And to lighten the mood, these panels were made to fit perfectly inside those spam envelopes that come with credit card offers, etc. OH MY GOD, SO FUNNY. Some (cartoon) images are unsafe for work (starting with panel 9, so you can check it out up to that point.) I need to print them off and start sending them.
  • These ice cube trays are totally cool. Gin and Titonic. LOL.
  • For all of my hyper-organizers (and wanna be organizers) out there, THIS SITE is just freaking amazing. how to declutter your kitchen, woot! The slide show on the right is neat-o pa-tee-to (patio burrito) <-- local joke. :D

Top Chef went vegetarian last night. I was a little disappointed in how tripped up they all were. Granted, they had spent the night developing recipes for a steakhouse, one of the better ones in the country, they had their meat in hand, then were told nope, two hours, something different, one of you is going home. Kevin continues to be just a total bad ass. Most of the people I've worked with in the film industry here are Vegans, so I've always been fed vegetarian (mostly vegan) foods that are filling. I guess they felt that faux eggs, or whatever, wouldn't look elegant enough on the plate? Hmm. Check out my friend's restaurant, The Spiral Diner. They're consistently fantastic. And guys, I'm a carnivore. Their Sweet Luv'us Veggie Wrap is insanely good. (I'm kind of anti-vegan because of their stance on honey. Beekeeping and honey collecting help bees to thrive, and their populations are declining at an alarming rate. Everything else I'm good with. Not for me, but hey, awesome that they do it happily.)

I love the Voltaggio brothers (mmm) but I think Kevin is more at home in the kitchen. I still want the brothers Volt, Kevin, and Jennifer i the kitchen. Eli, while clearly talented, is just a bit too young and douchey for me. He needs some life experience. Also, Natalie Portman is TINY. Does that mean Daddy Tom is only 5' 5" or something?! Natalie is like... 5'1" or something. Put her in some tall shoes and she was almost eye level. Sorry, guys, I don't do short men. Lol.

Modern Family cracked me the hell up last night. I think every baby should be put in a "Diana Ross from the RC years" wig (I thought that was obvious) and get a portrait taken. I love it.
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