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That's a class four free-floating vapor.

Ghostbusters quotes? They're always appropriate. I seriously need some icons with GB quotes. They're a classic for a reason, people! "Oh, that's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there." "What a shame!" Bullet points today because I have a full, jam-packed, bursting at the seams day.
  • Lunch with my sister to plan a wedding reception, yay!

  • have to get in 1800 words today, can be combined revisions to "Oh My Heck!" and the new super secret bit of fiction I'm working on. (I like adding mystery to my drab, suburban life)

  • have to make the decision to either get braces or live with the gap in my teeth. Long story short: this is going to affect my acting career potential, either way. :( Maybe there will be an up tick in need for 30 something ladies with metal mouths? *cry* I can take a bunch of workshops and keep in the memory banks of casting directors, maybe. GAH.

  • need to book a hotel room for me and three friends for the first weekend of December for a VEGAS, BABY! fun time and OH MY GOD, that can't come soon enough

  • need to hit the costume shop I blogged about last week to get my 80s costume for this weekend's 80s Bash.

  • THIS is the must-have fire screen for all pyromaniacs out there.

  • I need this for my life to be complete. NEED.

Anyone out there seen the Spanish horror film [REC] ? Came today (way to be timely, Netflix!) and I'm debating watching it alone. Oh, who am I kidding, I love being freaked out.

[ETA] I just got a text from an unknown number telling me that my Stallioncrest saga needs a villain named Night Mare. HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? (And if you have no idea what Stallioncrest is, hit my tag: horse soap opera. It's EXACTLY what it sounds like. And it's 100% awesome. Lol.)

Speaking of being freaked out, I had a sexy dream about Hugh Laurie last night. Like, a looooong dream of sexy fun times. I a) don't usually have those kind of dreams, b) I've never planted myself on either side of the "I love/hate Hugh Laurie in a sexual context" before, c) I didn't dislike what I dreamed. I'm just saying. (I also have a thing for scruff and salt and pepper foxes, see: my husband for proof.) It's just... highly unusual. But not unwelcomed. But unusual.

In conclusion: tex-mex food is about to get in mah belly. Well, in a few hours. Mmmm, chipotle salsa. I don't know how y'all live outside of Texas, man, the food is just too damn good down here.
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