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An hour-long conversation with Christopher Walken about meat.

I didn't actually talk with Mr. Walken today, I just entertained myself on the long drive back from an audition taping by improving the copy as Christopher Walken, because that is how my brain works. He waxed philosophic about getting up at 4 am to devour upwards of 2 pounds of genoa salami. Other nights it could be Westphalian ham, because he doesn't understand why it's half the cost of Prosciutto. His parents didn't offer much in the way of supervision as a child, leaving him to ponder the complexities of life on his own. But [insert grocery store I auditioned for's name here] offers amazing and astounding values. On meat. Other things, as well, but you can't beat their meat. Lol.

I've had a few auditions this week and haven't felt very confident during them, and I figured out what was missing: my videographer, bu_doodlebug. She's so fun and lets me just go and go and go. It gets my energy up, and I think that by the time the camera rolls, I'm more subdued, and that's not what you need when your auditioning for, say, Playstation. Der. [She also let me do a dry run through as Nancy Grace, Greta Van Susteren and Paula Deen, and those four are my solid impressions. Hahaha.]

I've written not one word on my projects today. Now that my energy is coming down from "crack shakes" to manageable energetic mom, I think I'll be able to focus.

And just because it's my all-time favorite impression of Christopher Walken, I leave you with Kevin Pollak's version, because it's freaking hilarious and spot on. (NSFW due to one word at the end.)
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