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CD Project back from the dead... (Been coolin' at the beach, down at Club Med)

So there was this bottleneck, see, and I couldn't stand it. Couldn't get the CDs out. Mainly because this request only meant one thing in my head, and I have been TRYING to be high brow and thoughtful. Endorsed! was an excellent example. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. But I asked for your requests and I tried my level best.

meli_77 requested "Tongue." I mean, what do YOU naturally think of?

1. Lalitza is Late, Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria. Okay. Quit scratching your head. This is a group of women that sing traditional songs from their mother land. Guess what is sounds like, aside from AWESOME! Ululation. This may be the only highbrow pick. This group of singers is phenomenal, and if you want to hear something ethnic and amazing, pick up any of their discs.
2. Alleluia, Harvard University Choir. A so-so choral group, but this is a fantastic piece. Say the title slowly. Last of the high concept numbers.
3. She's Crafty, The Beastie Boys. Now we're talking. "She gets around, Man she's always down." Hee hee!
4. The Seed (2.0), The Roots. "I lick the opposition cuz she don't take no pill." Damn. Good song, groovin', and all about getting some on the side.
5. Oscillate Wildly, The Smiths. What do YOU do when... well, you know where this is headed.
6. Down, 311. I told you I had a one track mind. Next time you listen to this, think naughty thoughts and it TOTALLY changes the feeling of this song. Oh and this band is full of totally hot boys.
7. Tongue-Tied, Aqualung. Maybe you should take a break. Har!
8. Stroke Me, Billy Squier. Or maybe not. Man, this song was so dirty when I was young. I know it's about masturbation, but it fits here, too.
9. Little Little, Black Eyed Peas. This was back before they sold out and added that chick. You know, back when they were GOOD. "You give a little little, I take a little little more love... cause we can..." SMOOV.
10. Constant Craving, KD Lang. I've mentioned that I love her, right? That her voice is flawless? Yeah.
11. Lick it Up, KISS. lml ^__^ lml Kids In the Service of Satan!! Woo hoo!! Or, grown men in way too much make up!!
12. My Big Mouth, Oasis. Couldn't resist. Oh, and they are good when they aren't brawling and pissing on their audience. Thanks, bros!
13. Lick Myself, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. This song is terrific. For me to poop on! This song makes me laugh so hard.
14. Let Me Lick your Pussy, Ween. I saved it for almost the end. The song that started and ruined it all. Please don't defriend me.
15. So What-cha Want?, Beastie Boys. What do you people want from me?? "Sweeter than a cherry pie with Redi-Whip topping"

I'm kinda ashamed of myself. anelith, you are going out tomorrow, then last before my vacation is violethamster, who needs to email me her address.
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