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White lines.... blowing through my mind [and now I'm having fun, baby!]

Rang dang dang a dinga dong! [Baby!] Sorry, it's been a non-stop playlist of 80s dance songs in my head. This weekend was our friend's 40th birthday party (which is weird, because I'm only 23. How do I know all of that 80s stuff? Har har.) and most everyone came in their best Me Generation stuff. (There were a lot of people that clearly don't have my insane passion for re-creation. They probably sleep better than I do.)

Our friend Phil and his partner have been together... eight years? That sounds about right. Anyway, they're my favorite couple of all of our couple friends. They go all out when it comes to a good time, too. Thom (the partner) threw this AMAZING garden party down in Houston. Massive white tent, twinkle lights, old pictures of Phil through the years (and seriously, at ten he was wearing pirate blouses and satin shorts. And he had to come out? And some people didn't know he was gay? COME ON. Lol.) There were Ray Bans on every table for the guests, glow necklaces, a fabulous spread of food from appetizers to entrees, a bartender (I drank champagne all night, hello!) a fantastic DJ, an ice cream truck parked out front (I MEAN - COME ON!!! Wheee!) cop detail, at least 60 guests there from start to finish - and y'all should know that the boys in the Gayborhood are going to have a good time at a costume party.

Let's just say that I was with My People. And seriously, get a load of my outfit - Krystle Carrington was how I was addressed all night long. I'm not complaining, mind.

Let me also say that it was ASTOUNDING how quickly using rollers came back to me. I've not put my hair up in rollers since... '91? Maybe? Although I did forget to spray the rollers while they cooled, which resulted in the humidity flattening my hair in an hour. Wah. Rat tail combs - forgot to back comb my 'do, too. Oh well, my hair is thanking me today. (Remember those henna and placenta hair wraps, too? I remembered why we did those: to fix all of the damage done by hot rollers, mousse, hairspray, and ratting.)

I couldn't stop pursing my lips. You can't tell, but I've got on green and gold eyeshadow. These were taken in our hotel room before we left. And the hotel was MASSIVE. I had lots of fun walking through the lobby on our way to the car. People weren't quite sure about why I looked like that, until my husband came around the corner. Then they were really confused. Lol.

That's mine in the pink leopard shirt. And mullet wig. Ahahaha. The birthday boy is on the right and a childhood friend is in the middle. He tried to tell me how hard it was to come up with that preppy outfit. Bitch, that's an American Eagle Outfitters shirt, don't even front. :D I love that they've all known each other since they were 3 and are all still friends, too. Cute.

Birthday boy, his LOVELY MOTHER (more on her in a bit, oh, how I love Shirley) and partner Thom.

Shirley is that mother everyone wants. Anyone who walks into her home gets hugs and kisses and love. While you're sitting down, she's the mom whipping out sandwiches, drinks, snacks, etc. Then kisses you, smooths your hair, and asks what else can she do for you? <3 She loves her son, oh my goodness. And Thom can do no wrong in her eyes, as well. And Shirley loves to have fun. She was on the dance floor with all of us shaking her stuff and having a blast. While that's awesome, what was more awesome (and a bunch of guys and I were cracking up over this next one) she was REALLY getting down when "Pussy Control" came on. 75+ year old mom dancing to Prince. OKAY! Hahaha.

The Mister didn't want to stay in his outfit, so he brought something to change into. Not me! I was all about the Dynasty look, yo. Ha ha.

We rented a car while we were there - a brand new Camaro. Holy crap, is that thing fun to drive. It has the muscle of a Mustang under the hood, but it rides like a Stingray - your butt is just inches off the street, you are sitting LOW. So much fun to drive. "If you have the means to get one, I highly recommend it." Hee.

All in all, great party with great people, and I might have convinced them to come spend Christmas with us. Slumber party at my place!

I did catch a cold bug/flu/something and completely lost my voice yesterday. I'm still in my jim-jams, in bed. I'm staying in bed, working on revisions. NICE.

I do want to tell y'all about a FREAKING AWESOME MOVIE I watched Friday night, though. Spoilers ahoy! [eta] for clarity: the movie title is [REC].

[REC] - if you've not seen it, DO NOT READ

Seriously: nothing ruins a horror movie more than knowing too much about it. I'm all for going in with the barest bit of knowledge.

Did I give you enough space to back out? Okay. Someone mentioned that they loved it, except for the ending, and MAN, do I disagree. That was the CREEPIEST thing I've seen in a decade, hands down. I've talked about The Descent and how I knew nothing about it (I thought it was a claustrophobia/trapped movie. UM, IT'S NOT. Which was why it worked for me - I knew nothing about the Actual Plot.) I didn't know this movie was about zombies, so it was FUN. And scared the bejeebus out of me.

All of the jumps and boos and starts really work here - and it's because the movie is filmed from a character's POV, and you want them to turn around and run, you want them to STOP MOVING FORWARD, OH MY GOD WHO DOES THAT? Who goes into a dark room when you've heard a scream!?!? Ahahaha. People trapped in a building? Check. Unknown pathogen spreading through everyone? Check. Creepy BLOODY CHILD that stands there long enough so you think you could take her? CHECK. Oh, and you can't. You can't take that creepy little girl. Her mother chained to a staircase as you run away from a zombie hoard? CHECK. And GAH.

The last ten minutes are absolutely fantastic. I don't know who they cast as the Ground Zero Zombie, but her creepy, skinny, wasted body, lank, filthy hair and drunken movements - all filmed with night vision - god damn, that right there is my #1 guaranteed freakout. Things that move in an unnatural way = me climbing the walls, looking for a way out. At one point I actually covered my eyes. YAY!

I loved this movie. LOVED IT. I've not seen a really frightening movie in a long time - this one hit every single one of my "I love this in a scary movie" buttons.

I'm going to drink some hot tea and see if I can't get my voice back....
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