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Books and pictures of the new "lounge"

First, a head's up to those who care about such things. Today is a double post, because I need topics to make sense in order to be together in a post. So. Two posts. (The later is the DVD commentary on that story I wrote about the gay LDS missionaries. *g*)

Now that it's colder and I'm less likely to be outside doing things, it's time to dive into this huge stacks of books waiting for me. Which means, of course, that I'm going to get a few new books to add to the pile, because I'm crazy like that. Chuck over at Terribleminds mentioned a series that I'm not familiar with, because I've been hanging in the world of non-fiction for a while, Speaks the Nightbird, Queen of Bedlam, and Mister Slaughter by Robert McCammon? Anyone else reading/read that series? Looks great to me.

This weekend was the christening of the opening of the Birth of Cool Lounge, aka, my former office. (I call it that because I'm going for a 60s vibe. And because who doesn't want to have a room based on the mood of a Miles Davis song? Losers, that's who.

All that's in here is the furniture and supplies: writing, computer, etc., all neatly tucked away in the furniture I built. Oh, Ikea, I love your organizational products. I still need to add an additional shelf for more books (possibly - over the aforementioned Ikea Basta set up), art work, a few tall plants, and two more occasional tables. Every chair requires a place for the sitter to place their cup, imo. Potential art work for the walls is between This Awesome Series of Prints or I might bite the bullet and buy the Snow Queen and Summer Queen prints that Michael Whelan painted eons ago that I've loved ever since.) My guess is the apocalyptic horrorshow that is Zdislaw Beksinski's work won't fly with anyone else, even though I love each piece to pieces. (And that website is the most awesome artist's website you'll ever see. I can practically guarantee that.

Inside and to the left is a wonky wall that houses the outlet for the modem. I'm trying to go as wireless as possible, so I wanted no visible cables, etc. I also wanted all of my peripherals, manuals, spare cables, random crap put AWAY so it doesn't pile up, etc. But. This wall is 26" and wraps back to the window at 18". Finding something that you can put there that will close up is nigh on impossible. EXCEPT FOR IKEA. They see that wall and say PFFT, woman, you call yourself creative? Check our things!

And I did. And I made this. And it was good. It fits PERFECTLY. And I put it on casters so I can wheel things out of the way should I change the wall color, need access, etc. SMART. (And the cabinet on the right houses all of my files. Nice and orderly. I cannot function in messy chaos. Not even orderly chaos, should it exist.

The wrap around portion. I originally wanted the printer inside the cabinet, but that would get obnoxious once you need the scanner. Eh, it doesn't take up much visual space. (And that's my white board, unhung, because I frequently walk around with it, staring at it, making notes, staring at it some more. It haunts me, that white board.)

The view from the opposite end of the storage furniture. That corner needs a little occasional table or something funky. It's just a matter of time. Only the latest book reads and reference materials are in here, now. Otherwise, I'll be tempted to grab something off the shelf and read instead of focusing on rewrites, etc. Yes, that's a real pheasant. It doth cease to be, however.

Words cannot express how much I love those orange chairs. Got them half-off because they were a display. Not a scratch on them. What do I care if someone had sat in them for a few months? I plan on sitting on them, too. :) A little leather cleaner, and my needs are stated.

A closer shot of the funky coffee table we found. It's shaped like a paisley. <3 One: I like that it's glass because it keeps that small room looking open. Two, I like that it's curved so all four chairs can access it. You can't see the detail on the brown leather chairs, but they're small, but just the right size. I have plenty of space to wriggle, tuck a leg, etc. They're almost like old school movie theater chairs, but padded and leather all over. The pillow doesn't work, I know. But it's staying for a bit because it's down-filled and the kitnits like to nap on it, which pleases me.

It's amazing how much work I've gotten done in there. Plus, the Mister can hang out in there and work, too. And the kids can sit in the chairs and read while I'm working, which is nice. I like having a space that is dedicated to working/reading where we all can fit. I just need to get an iPhone docking station so I can play some Thelonius Monk or some Brubeck and type like the wind. If the wind had fingers and a keyboard.

It has Hope's seal of approval. She's been living in here ever since. Laps, tables, chairs, it doesn't matter, she just likes to hang. Heh. Right now she's a little bread loaf rising on one of the orange chairs. <3

[ETA] Side shots of the orange chairs - there are some cool details that you don't quite see from the other shots.

Like the kitnit loaf. :) (Note: I realize that's misspelled. That's how my daughter pronounced "kitten" for years. It stuck.)

And the dergie loaf with lasers charged to 23%. Aww, Sally Derg. She keeps alternating between sniffing the window and napping. Animals nearby are required for productivity, I believe.

A better shot of my brown chairs. I <3 them.

Okay. Round two is about to be tackled. It's cold, I have some white ginger tea with honey, and a purring cat. Perfect writing environment. :)
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