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Further proof that Wikipedia is inaccurate

I googled my horror movie, Blood on the Highway, as one occasionally does, and found the wiki-page. And I see that two of the extras clearly edited the summary to say that they starred in the movie. OH REALLY. I'll be emailing the producer about that one. What the hell, dudes? And let me just remind everyone with Comcast or Time-Warner Cable that time is running out for VOD viewing. I believe it will be available on Netflix for streaming soon, too. Add it to your queue! :)

The other movie I was in, St. Nick, has been tearing it up on the film festival scene. It just showed in Greece where apparently Werner Hertzog loved it. !! Very cool. It really is a beautiful film, and even though most of my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, I'm proud to have my name attached in any capacity.

For anyone who missed it and is interested *crickets* I posted about a commercial I filmed over the weekend and the excitement of jamming your feet into marshmallows for hours. I'm mostly saying that again so I can interject with a PSA: STOP SPELLING IT MARSHMELLOWS. MALLOW. It's a plant. It's what was originally used to make the product, the root of the MALLOW PLANT = MARSHMALLOWS. MALLOW not MELLOW. I just judge you when you do that, okay? That and when "then" is used instead of "than." (Hint: the first one is for TIME and the other is for a COMPARISON. Please figure that one out, already.)

I need to spend the rest of the day getting off book and figure out who these characters are for an audition (the more I prepare, the more I'm thinking this is a ... lame project. Ugh, I shouldn't say that, but it's very... student film. Eh, if they pay me, I'll sell the hell out of whichever role I'm given.) then hopefully go see New Moon tonight in an IRONIC CAPACITY. That should be obvious, given my track record.

Oh, last note: Curb Your Enthusiasm! No spoilers, but I just love the visual proof that Seinfeld was really nothing more than Larry David RPF. We've all known this, but still. It's funny. Last night's finale had everything. EVERYTHING! It was the BEST, Jerry, the BEST! :D (There could be spoilers in the comments, so be forewarned.)

entrenous88! If you're online, STOP HERE. :) and <3 The kids and the Mr. are out at the deer lease camping and hunting. (I know some of you are anti-hunting. Eh. I like getting organic, free-range, cruelty-free meat (mostly- I mean, they do die, but it's instant.) Proper hunting is way more humane than how the meat in your market arrives, I can guaran-damn-tee you that. Vegetarians and your lack of meat, notwithstanding. :) Mmmm, venison! Last week the Mr. got a 200 pound wild hog - he literally brought me home the bacon. And 120 pounds of dressed pork. And I get to have yet another year of not buying meat at the market, hooray!
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