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Two posts today for organizational purposes. Post One: my sister.

I've talked about my youngest sister before, but for those of you who are new, my youngest sister (21 years old) has autism. I'm talking old school, Rainman is more communicative autism. She has about 10 words that she uses, and she only uses them for about three people. Okay, you're caught up. :D

My parents, younger brother and the aforementioned sister (there are 5 of us total) all went to Utah to visit the family for Thanksgiving. They went to the home of the aunt and uncle that have written me off for being opinionated about racism and cruelty. Interesting, that, since they identify as Christians who were on a mission... I digress.

Well, for long-time readers, you'll remember they're Mormon. You'll hopefully remember that folks out there don't discipline their kids, they just let them run "because they can!" Just like Elizabeth Smart ran. :) Wait, that was a bad example... Nutshell: everyone has a thousand kids each (literally) and that's a lot to tend, so why not just let them run around outside eating bugs and punching the neighbors like God intended? I mean, it's such a wholesome place, what could go wrong? Elizabeth, play your harp for the nice homeless man we've brought home to fix the roof. *cough*

And my cousins are no exception to this. "Cut that out," they toss over their shoulders in the general direction of their offspring before turning back to their stories while the kids roll their eyes and keep writing "FART" on the walls.

"You wet yourself, you wet yourself! Mr. McDonnaugh wet himself, Daddy!"

Bonus points if you can name that movie. Here's a little more help: "You take that diaper off your head, and you put it back on your sister!" (And I would like to remind you of the last lines of that movie: "...a land not too far away. Where all parents are strong and wise and capable and all children are happy and beloved. I don't know. Maybe it was Utah." LOL.

Where was I? Loud children, right. My youngest cousin has a toddler just peaking in the terrible twos. And they have decided that soft, loving (read: wimpy, lazy) voices are the way to go in raising babies. So "Jack" will evidently whine and cry and kick up a fuss and move from person to person, hoping they'll provide him with whatever he wants. Another cookie, the right to poke out the dog's eye, world domination, whatever it is two year olds crave.

And no one does anything, he just whines until he gets distracted.

Enter my sister, Annajoy. Apparently she was at the kitchen table drawing (she's an amazing artist, has been since she was three) and had enough after several minutes of noise. (Autistic folks have sensitive ears, typically.) She marched over to Jack, pointed a finger at him, and said quite sternly, "STOPIT."

And he did. For the rest of the night. <3 <3 <3

1) Children WANT discipline. They do. Trust me. I have children that behave, so I kinda know this stuff.
2) People with autism are not stupid, they are not tuned out of the world, they just don't want to talk to YOU. Lol.
3) I love my sister, and that made me laugh for a good hour, wishing I had been there. She's awesome.

Tangent: my mother in law got an earful from me over the holidays when she asked if my brother (who has Aspergers, just like my son, but in a more... strenuous amount) would have children that were "normal."


MY BROTHER IS NORMAL, YOU HARPY. [AS IS MY SON.] He just has a different view on how to behave socially than you, you rude, inconsiderate boob. Hint: if you have to ask someone a question in hushed tones, that's your INTERNAL SHAME METER trying to tell you to STFU.


I wanted to be sure and post about this to not just remember it for posterity, but to make a point about how normal it is for the residents of Mormonville to ignore your kids while they run all over the place. Like, say, to Italy to save their sparklepire. TO BE CONTINUED.... (after I get #3 off to school and get a mini-run in this morning.)
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