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Don't you know that eating that stuff can give you big breasts? ...oh my god, I'm too late.

Remember when Val Kilmer was funny and hot? Seems like 25 years ago.... And good lord, that makes me feel old. "What did you say to him?" "I told him I'd put him on the Montgomery Ward mailing list." Nope, that really was the one that made me feel old.

I have some nerd talk and questions for the nerdery.

1. Question: who has used Windows 7 with joy in their heart, and if so, do you recommend 32 or 64 bit? ATTN Mac users: I don't care. I already drank the iPhone Kool-Aid, I won't drink anymore. Also, I like writing my own code/hacking my own PC, thx.
2. Nerd Talk: one of the best freeware apps out there for your PC: CCleaner. My computer is running so much faster now, it's redonk.
3. Question: I'm looking to create a Wordpress blog to move stuff off here and have my own domain name, as recommended by Chuck and others. Which hosting site do you recommend for me? I have a lot of traffic here, so I'm hoping that will continue when I move off LJ, too, so that's a factor. (Side note: that post has some great writerly don'ts, but that's par for the course over there.)
4. Nerd Talk: I plan on creating an RSS feed to go in this space, so I'm not "going away." I'm just getting a bit more professional, but with the same amount of dick jokes. :)
5. Nerd Talk: I figured out how to make my own ringtones by circumventing the iTunes rules (pfft, I own songs, I should be able to make a ringtone out of it, iTunes! Again, mac Users: SUCK IT, I DON'T CARE. You're cultists. Ahahaha. I'm 01d 5c7001, yo.) I first dl'd a very intricate program called audacity that has a high learning curve. Then I got smart and dl'd a program called iRinger. Way more simplistic and the way to go. When you export after making your ringtone, it automatically sends it to your ringtone folder on your phone. EASY AND LOVELY. I may have gone crazy nuts.

I'm off to find a cocktail dress so I don't look like a rube with my good bag and cheap shoes (haha, reverse that, I'm that girl. I'd eff me. I'd eff me so hard.) when I'm in Las Vegas this weekend with kita0610 and lynnenne. Aside from that, I'm all over the jeans and button down because I'm quite boring. And by jeans and button down I of course mean spandex hot pants and sparkle tube tops with rainbow sequins. I'm classy. Also, I have to pay for the trip somehow, am I right ladies?
Tags: nerd alert!, random questions
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