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CD Project - I'm on fire today.

Holy Product-o Girl. (Um, that's me) I have one more after this, then no more for a week. vincentveritas asked for "PEACE" and I was happy to oblige.

1. Speak to Me/Breathe, Pink Floyd. Dude. It was peace. THis makes me look back on the days of wake and bake and not feel sick.
2. And It Stoned Me, Van Morrison. Bit of a joke, but a damn fine song about hanging out in the rain and fishing.
3. Float On, Modest Mouse. It'll be okay. Really. Deep breath...
4. To Serenade a Rainbow, PM Dawn. I love this group. This whole album could have been put here for "peace."
5. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? Elvis Costello and the Attractions. I love me some Elvis. Took me a looong time to forgive him for calling Ray Charles a dirty name, but if Ray can accept the apology, so can I. Yay! Because I love his music. I may write Wee!Spike but I have some principles. Stoney don't truck with no racism.
6. Cherish The Day, Sade. Remember how I said I would crawl over broken glass to listen to her sing? Still true. Turn off the lights, crack the blinds, and smooth out.
7. She's Leaving Home, The Beatles. I know. But if you grew up in my house? It's about inner peace.
8. Support Your Local Emperor, Blues Travelers. Tongue-in-cheek song about blind devotion to your political leaders. You know: for peace. Morons. Not any of you, of course. We're all blue, right?
9. Peace Train, Cat Stevens. Let's arrest this guy who wrote the peace march anthem for suspected terrorism! Ha ha! *whispers* What? That happened?
10. Tai Chi with Buffy and Angel, Christophe Beck. I love this little moment. Such a pretty little two minutes of music, too.
11. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd. After 9/11 everyone struggled with what to say, do, etc. David Letterman played this every night on his show when he went back on the air, and closed with a minute of silence. I saw him cry and it made me so sad. But it's a lovely memorial song. And peaceful in its own way.
12. I Always Wanted To Be A Tennenbaum, Mark Mothersbaugh. I LOVED this movie. Have a thing for the Wilson boys, too. Another quiet, lovely two minutes of music.
13. Man of Peace, Bob Dylan. Sorry all you Bruce lovers. My man is Bob. If he ain't available, I stick with Neil Young. Or change the station.
14. I Wear Your Ring, Cocteau Twins. Haven't I said enough about how fantastic they are? Have you bought their albums yet? Give them money so they'll make a new one!!
15. Don't Panic, Coldplay. "We live in a beautiful world. Yeah we do, yeah we do." This song makes me so happy. 'Cause it's true.
16. Cavatina From The Deer Hunter, Myers. Violent and sad movie. But this song is used to great effect for peace and reflection and is one of the most beautiful guitar pieces I have ever heard. Makes me stop, sit and listen to the whole thing every time it's on.

Late tonight I'll post violethamster's playlist, it has already gone out!
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