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In Soviet Russia, Mother Russia gambles you! Back from Vegas!

I'm still on Vegas time, which means I should be bundling up to walk to Starbucks right about now...

Had a great time this weekend, and only gambled away into the ether 60 bucks. That's a new record for me, but it's no fun gambling when you're the only one doing it. (Why did I go with people who are fiscally responsible? That's no fun! Lol.)

  • Kita is fantastic, I've known for years, but now I know she's not just a sock puppet. She's gorgeous, fun, and we over shared. She also gets bombed easily, and SOMEHOW I was the one with the water bong margarita that stayed sober.

  • Our first night out, I SWEAR TO GOD, we went to a bar for margaritas (and I got the "large" which translated into Cheech and Chong water bong filled with tequila) there was an EDWARD CULLEN IMPERSONATOR. I did not get a picture with him when I found out he did it for a living. LOL.

  • Speaking of, if you missed it, I re-wrote Twilight as if they were Chavs. (Think Da Ali G, for those not familiar.)

  • Lynne continues to be my go-to for awesome conversation and boogeying of booties.

  • Vegas has been SO SANITIZED, I barely recognized it. Very weird.

  • I was totally that person that constantly said, "When I used to live here..." I APOLOGIZE, LADIES.

  • I still got it at the tables. Not monetarily, but drunken older men still like to give me money. (They pay me to play their money.) I eventually felt guilty (the guy was SO DRUNK) and quit letting him fun my bad habits. Also, we had a show to catch.

  • O WAS AMAZING. Amazing. I loved it, I loved the whole production, I loved trying to figure out how they did stuff, I loved the very FRONCHness of eet all, highly recommended. IT IS UNDER WATER YOU GUYS. Beautiful. I want to see every single Cirque du Soleil production now.

  • The three of us were hot stuff in our finery. There may have been people that hung around us JUST TO WITNESS LYNNE'S CHEST. They were fabulous in her frippery. The goils, that is.

  • The hotel we stayed at... eh. I don't recommend it. The Flamingo, and I was hoping it would be kitschy fun since it was remodeled. Nope. Geriatric and redneck central with thin thin THIN walls. BUT. It was right across the street from Caesars, the Bellagio, the Mirage... We were right in the thick of things for far less money. Bonus!

  • Words cannot express how fun it is to be with two smart women with taste, intellect, similar fandom interests, hot bods, and a penchant for a good time. EXCELLENT WEEKEND.

Hulk Hogan was on my flight home. The man is a GIANT. He also had on his traditional do-rag. You have NO IDEA how hard it was for me to not flex and say "BROTHER!" to him as I moseyed past him to my seat. I wanted to pull up this image on my phone and show it to him, to see if I could get a reaction. I DID NOT, so don't worry about me getting a body blow that would surely have severed my spinal column. Temperance is key in these situations.

I got some fantastic advice from Lynne re: Oh My Heck (and I'm thinking it needs a new name) and I plan on spending all week on rewrites and punch ups. I may not have an MFA, but I have ideas and drive, people. :D Also, for those of you following my book blog (and there have been no updates for months, I'm going to revamp it soon. Hopefully I'll time it so you don't have spam on your flists. [/news reel]

I have a dergy that won't leave me alone, so she and I are going to lay on the floor, gaze into each other's eyes, and I'll be sweet and ignore her happy dog farts, because I'm nice like that. Also, a little congested. HAPPY MONDAY! (And thank you very much for my snowflake cookies, that was lovely to find waiting for me!)
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