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More TV talk.

I caught up with last Friday's Dollhouse and really really loved some things about it, particularly the second half. I didn't love everything, but I had more happy than meh.

Okay, how awesome was it to have Faith and Wesley again?? Well, it wasn't really, but close enough. Not to mention that the scene where Alexis Denisoff forces Eliza Dushku's head down as he ran his hand over her bare skin, then CUT THAT BARE SKIN.... I may have needed a moment. I felt the storyline was rushed, but what can you do, they got the cancellation notice and had to wrap it up. I get it. I definitely would have liked more Summer Glau, and I REALLY would have liked more Bennet/Topher, but the part that killed me metaphorically was Topher imprinting himself onto Victor.

And that god damn actor that plays Victor knocked ANOTHER ONE out of the part. I'm telling you, if he had a more "Hollywood Leading Man" look about him, he'd be in every single movie and show. Which just shows you how jacked up Hollywood is, because the man is friggin' brilliant. He SOUNDED like Topher. The mannerisms, the inflections, the nervous giggle... They had to have loved filming those scenes. At one point you can see Ms. DeWitt and Boyd biting their cheeks when Victor-Topher is going off on a nervous scientific rant. Awesome.

I don't know who is dressing people, but the clown pants that Echo was wearing as she wandered the streets of DC cracked me up. Take those in, lady! I really enjoyed this show, and I know it was controversial to the point of being off putting for a lot of you, but it worked for me. And seriously, if that hadn't been cancelled, that would have been a dream job for me as an actor. A new person every week? Fan-freaking-tastic.

Ultimately I think its downfall is that Eliza Dushku struggles with being a "shell." She can't pull off vacant. And while the show was moving in a direction where she wouldn't have HAD to be vacant, it didn't work from the beginning. Also, I think it took a few bizarre turns like Paul Ballard going to work for them instead of bringing down the Dollhouse, ditto on the worries Boyd had when he first started. The peripheral characters were the most interesting, and that's always bad news to a production team. They were banking on Eliza, and she couldn't quite deliver. But how many of us loved Amy Acker's Dr. Saunders? Ms. DeWitt? Sierra??? Miracle Laurie's heartbreakingly awesome Maddy? Freaking VICTOR. Enver Gjokaj is my favorite part of that show. (And I know I'm all alone on my flist, but I loooove Topher. Please, he's a nerdy evil scientist, it's like he was MADE for me, my own active. Lol.)

Waah. I still say it's far better than a lot of the dreck out in the TV-scape, but it was expensive and on Fox. It didn't have a chance. :(

I've discovered that TWoP and TVGasm aren't reviewing The Real World: Ooompah Loompahland aka Jersey Shore, so you can expect a break down here every Friday. Folks, that's the situation. *point to abs* So if you're into pumpin ya fists ta house music and scammin on orange chicks with juicy butts, and gettin' Ed Hardy tattoos on ya protein shake'd and 'roid'd guns, dis is the place fa you. (Jeez, these might need to be podcasts so I can fulfill my accent requirements. Um, ask anyone who knows me in real life, my actual speaking voice is rarely heard. I have a sickness. And that sickness is random voices in random accents.)

Last TV question (hey, it's cold here, and I'm not outside in the garden. This is my TV time.) who out there is watching Chef Academy? It's pretty meh, HOWEVER. They have a beautiful French man that loves cooking, chocolate, making love, and is a porn star. AGAIN, I THINK THIS IS AN ACTIVE CREATED FOR ME. I'm not that girl that goes gaga for guys, especially really pretty ones. I like a little rugged to my sparkle, if you catch what I'm saying. I know some of y'all are fist biters over the various attractive male online. I'm a bit more reserved. (Ahahaha.) But holy crap, this man speaks and I'm putty. I AM NOT THAT GIRL! Except for how I apparently am. Hell, I'd hook up with a Chav if he had a husky voice. "Stoney, I is so into you, sorta. Why don' you shut your fat mouf and get on me knob?" OKAY. Haha. Accents and funny, they get me every time. Lord, save me from any Aussie stand ups, I'll completely forget I'm married with babies.
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