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Podcast! And preparatory pic for The Real World: Oompah Loompahland/Jersey Shore

Some might call me an attention whore, I call it practice for my day job (acting/voice over work.) Now. A reminder that I'm Texan, and I know chavs through the beauty that is Vicky Pollard, etc. Not a lot of them in the prairie. Any mistakes with pronunciation are yours. I mean, mine.

It's Twilite, Innit? just under 4MB, mp3. And here is where you can read along, minus the "chime will sound when it's time to turn the page" noises, woe. (And side note, because I have issues, I did a run through, then recorded this, then felt that I was spending way too much time on an internet post, lol.)

In other news, I'm trying to coin phrases for all of the cast of Jersey Shore for tomorrow's podcast because I have a sickness. I can't wait for the douchescrotetards™ to be on my TV screen. I mean no disrespect, I respect them all very much, having said that, they're friggin' retahded. No disrespect. I also found a picture of a dude that looks like someone tried to make David Boreanaz out of chocolate cake then somehow, through the evils of science and technology, brought his creation to life.


SERIOUSLY. DB as fashioned out of chocolate cake, you see it, right? It's not just me???

That is too much tan, sir. That has moved into Ban de Soulpatch. (For the San Tropez douche.)
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