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In which I'm not making fun of mental illness, just the mentally ill. [only 1 person in particular]

This weekend was when the universe decided I needed to celebrate Chrismahkwanzanukkah. I got a new ISP with 4G, and my service is blazing fast. Just in time for the new (old) fandom wank about Victoria Bitters. I knew about it but as I wasn't actively in HP or LotRPS, I only knew about her/him tangentially. So with my whip-quick internets I've been able to catch up on all the gloriousness that is a crazy person that refuses to accept that they are, indeed, a crazy person.

I think my all time-favorite bit of their story isn't the rebirth as Elijah Wood with the "magically growing penis" (although glorious) the swindling of money (oh the poor deluded people who give internet people money! QUIT DOING THAT) but the involvement with the IRA (because she's now officially a he and Irish?) and the SWORD SCAR ON HIS CHEST from defending a lady's honor. Also, they're 25. Which makes their involvement with the IRA hilarious.

Is it wrong that I'm imagining Brandon Teena getting into an epic sword battle with an agent of Sauron? But Brandon has an Irish brogue? And a poor one at that? And pipe bombs? And a shank of mutton slowly turning on a spit over an open fire and lots of Guiness? Also, we're all really really stoned? LOL.

I just... people are feckin' insane in this world, and anytime I think I might be a little loco I just have to remember that I never married Snape on the astral plane, I've never stalked a celebrity and claimed to have a relationship with said celebrity or have BECOME said celebrity, I've never married a horse (my all-time favorite) and kept a lady mistress in the barn with my horse-wife in the house (no, really, they did that, OH MY GOD) and believed that my pregnant horse was CARRYING MY PONY-BABY, nor have I married the Berlin Wall and cried when my husband was "torn to pieces" (my second most favorite.)

When I was in Vegas I coined a phrase that I think applies here, too. When people seem normal, then it turns out they've stopped their meds and they flip out with mania/depression you have just encountered SURPRISE!Polar, or rather previously unknown bi-polar.

Wow. People, listen to Stoney: STOP GIVING INTERNET PEOPLE MONEY. Do not take anyone at face value. For all you know I'm actually Elijah Wood Orlando Bloom Hermione Granger wait, that last one isn't even a real person. YOU GET MY POINT.

...wait, you know what? Keep it up, because you provide me hours of entertainment. It's Festivus for the rest of us! :D [I think this means I'm not going to get much accomplished today, I'm just too overjoyed with the Surprise!polar and those that love them. This was why I had to take fandom_wank off my reading list, it was too engaging!]

...wait #2, I think my other favorite thing in this whole drama aside from Random!Sword Injury! is the phrase "Rare Lesbian Paladin." That totally earns a +4 bag of awesome, right there.
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