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CD Project - Last one for a while...

violethamster asked for a little help during mid-terms and upcoming finals. Apparently the girl isn't getting enough rest (I can identify) so I made her a lovely CD to help those sheep over the fence. I'm heading out in about 6 hours to drive to Utah with the whole fam damily for a Thanksgiving with the Griswolds, er... the relations up north and west. I have been asked by karabair to send a postcard fic from SLC, so I'll post it when she gets it. Hope I survive my kids!! Love you all!! (Oh, and violethamster? you rock for the kind words and recs. You don't know how much I appreciate it. fitbitcabear? I heart your fic, and the fact that you are posting it to my convenience is absurd and absolutely lovely. crazydiamondsue I heart you most of all!! I have the most awesome on line friends.)

1.I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Wilco. This song SOUNDS like a dream.
2. A Pillow of Winds, Pink Floyd. This was the song I went to sleep to when I was in college. Good times...
3. A Kiss To Build A Dream On, Louis Armstrong. For happy sleepytime!
4. The City Sleeps, MC 900ft Jesus. Never heard of this guy? That's because this was the only good song he did. And it is goood. It'll give you weird, trippy dreams.
5. Sleep Like A Child, Joss Stone. Butt in the air, mouth open, drool on the pillow deep sleep.
6. Blue Velvet, Bobby Vinton. It was only a dream... DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE BEDTIME. Bad thoughts of "mommy, mommy!" in your head. Listen to this instead.
7. Mother's Pride, George Michael. Quiet and smokey. Good to unwind with a comfy pillow and a pitch-black bedroom.
8. Caide Sin Do'N, Clannad. Celtic lullabye. Perfect! Imagine your mom is Irish and she's singingyou to sleep. Or Liam's mom. Whatever. Nighty-nite!
9. Lullabye, Emitt Rhodes. Continuation of a theme. (From The Royal Tennenbaum's soundtrack.)
10. Sister Moon, Sting. Another jazzy, smokey, quiet tune to get those sheep a'hopping.
11. Release, Pearl Jam. Many nights in my dorm did I set this track on repeat and fall asleep. More good times...
12. Pinch Me, Barenaked Ladies. Sleeping yet? Dreaming yet?
13. Space Oddity, David Bowie. Having weird dreams? Maybe this'll help.
14. Last Broadcast, Doves. Another song that sounds like a dream. BUY THIS ALBUM. Thank me later. Such a lovely dreamy tune.
15. Good Night, The Beatles. Same here. *muwah!*

When I get back I need marlo, fer1213,and spikefan to email me their snail addys so I can dash off their discs. dovil, I got yours already and it should go out the Tuesday after I get back. Wish me no broken bones and lots of fluffy snow!
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