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If I've not responded to your emails about coins, it's simply because I had so many emails to reply to! I think for the sake of organization and my bank account I need to turn off the request for random foreign coins. Thank you so much for the offers, but I am going to be sending a LOT of mailers across the globe and until I learn the formula for making money grow on trees, I'm going to have to beg off any further offers. :D (You all have been so generous, I can't WAIT to post pictures of all of the things my son ends up with. SMOOCH TO YOU ALL.)

Here's my to do list today, if that gives you any indication of what my life is like this week:

  • go to the post office, pick up information on international pre-paid postage from the post master, be happy you have games on your iphone as you wait in that looooong line. MAHJONG!

  • get more Forever stamps for all of the thank you cards you'll need to send

  • take son's current coin stash to the bank to change into dollars

  • use said dollars and pick up gift card at Gamestop for son's buddy

  • sweep and mop the floor

  • vacuum whole house. Or at least pull it out. Intentions count, kinda

  • bake gingersnaps for gift baskets

  • bake caramel-turtle brownies for gift baskets

  • make fudge for the same damn overflowing gift baskets

  • make copies of a DVD for - you guessed it - those gift baskets

  • Jesus, these people, make some more pumpkin butter for the freakin' baskets [lol, I love making baskets, actually]

  • hit craft store and replace burned out glue gun- get more glue sticks

  • find bright jewel-toned buttons for s-mom's gift

  • probably some lunch would be good at this point. There's that leftover mac-n-cheese with the chicken in it, yum.

  • don't you even think about not eating something green. Green gumdrops do not count as a green, nerd. There's spinach in the fridge, eat it. EAT IT.

  • make spinach-teeth faces at the dog and see if she does anything

  • remember that you're a grownup and that you're talking to your dog. Have a reality check and brush your teeth.

  • finish tracing out the birds on felt

  • make next set of beads (guys, I made my own BEADS yesterday. I couldn't find numbered beads anywhere. ABC beads, sure. BAH. Well, they're cuter than anything I saw in stores, anyway) And I wrote with a toothpick NUMBERS on the beads. I felt pretty bad ass, I must say.

  • start blanket-stitching the birds together

  • put on their legs with the numbered beads (I'm making an advent calendar for my s-mom and my mother in law, and if I don't go crazy, I'll make one for myself, too)

  • start bread otherwise no one will be able to eat tomorrow and it's all your fault, mom, god

  • reheat bean soup for kids because have you seen this list?

  • cut Sally Derg's nails so she doesn't clickity clack you into madness

  • do not, I repeat, DO NOT start writing this new story idea you got as you haven't even finished your damn rewrites, you freaking ADD spazzmoidle.

  • stop dancing to random music to make the dog's tail wag, no matter how funny you find it, you have THINGS TO DO, OMG

  • and no, the cats do not need you to curl up in the sun and take a nap with them, no matter how Schmusen you are feeling.

  • open a bottle of wine at some point [Lol, just kiddding. OR AM I??]

  • damn it, seal that bottle back up and go buy some more, because it's going to be THAT kind of week

  • get back to drinking and sewing and cooking and baking and breaking up fights with the kids

  • eventually fall asleep

...is it any wonder that I went to bed at 9pm last night? Lame.

So, uh, if I don't reply to you, that's why. Life is happening. :)

And for my Hebes, just in time for the last two nights of Hanukkah, HONIKA ELECTRONICA. <3 the TRON mention. I also love his Dreidle icon on his iPhone instead of the Apple logo, LOL!! I hope you all are having a lovely holiday. SMOOCH.

It's almost the weekend, folks, WHEW. (And Jersey Shore is on tonight! FIST PUMPIN' LIKE CHAAAAAAMPS!)



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Dec. 17th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
I want caramel-turtle brownies in *my* gift basket.

Wait. . . that sounds a little messy.

Dec. 17th, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
Don't act like you don't like it messy, woman. (I should send you the recipe. They take a bit to get going, but they are RIDICULOUSLY tasty.)
Dec. 17th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
I am in awe of your list. And I think this icon is rather appropriate...
Dec. 17th, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
Hahahahaha, we'll see! I've knocked a few things off, fifty thousand more things to do, whee! LOL.
Dec. 17th, 2009 07:04 pm (UTC)
Since you are so busy I will nap FOR you if that will help.
*checks 'take a nap' off of stoney's list*
Dec. 17th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Jealous - I have been officialy turned off today. No, seriously - got up, showered, read for a couple hours, realised I haven't drunk or ate in 12 hours, rectified that, gone back to reading.

Life is over until I touch down in Bilbao on Saturday and see Anna, you hear me? Over!
Dec. 18th, 2009 06:51 am (UTC)
OMFG, Jersey Shore was AWESOME tonight. The Situation getting cockblocked by that blond "grenade", Snooki's GETTIN DOWN at the club (& JWoWW's enthusiasm over it!), The Situation laughing so hard that he was unable to finish his confessional sentences, and the explaination of how the fist pumpin gets started and the beats...

so awesome. although I gotta wonder who this "Vinny" is that is in the opening credits.
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